#Infographic of the Week: Storytelling v Corporate Speak


I read a blog post today on emerging PR trends, and within a few hours of reading that post by Sarah Skerik I came across this infographic, which highlights one of the key trends Sarah raised in her post – “storytelling.”

The infographic was created by The Hoffman Agency, and as Lou Hoffman noted, it was designed to show the “gap between the content developed by the PR function and the type of content needed by journalists, bloggers and other influencers.”

As Sarah points out, “Stories are sticky, stories are relatable and stories are effective:  these are the reasons why stories are the cornerstone of the content marketing strategies and social media programs that are becoming meshed within public relations.” It’s a well-made point, and one that I wanted to emphasize here.

It’s clear people have given up on corporate speak, and, for the most part, so should you. It’s just not very interesting. People want to be engaged by the content that you produce; they want to be entertained and captivated. People want to hear actual stories about your customers and how their lives have improved because they use your product or service.

It’s for these reasons that the below is my #Infographic of the Week:

#Infographic of the Week: Storytelling v Corporate Speak

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