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Dress from the feet up: Why boilerplates are important and what elements to include in them

Photo by Camila Damásio on Unsplash

A killer headline? Check.

A newsworthy, logically crafted, grammar-free main body? Check.

So now, what’s mi[……]

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5 Things to Note When Pitching Lonely Planet Asia

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“A whole new world. A new fantastic point of view.” These lyrics are apt when describing Lonely Planet Asia, a renowned magazine offering readers insights on the histories and cultures of countries across the globe, as well as stunning photography, recommendations and travel advice. The magazine’s main goal is to inspire readers to explore new destinations and look at familiar ones through fresh eyes. Its feature stories cover countries ranging from Asia-Pacific, Africa and Middle east, to Europe and the Americas.


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How to Write a Trade Show News Release that Turns Heads

These days there are an abundance of trade shows, representing different industries and focusing on different audiences. How do you ensure that your e[……]

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[Slideshare] 15 Best Storytelling Visuals of 2016 : Kick-start the new year with a killer press release

We are all visual creatures. When we are presented with large chunks of
information, we need visuals to help us process and remember the content. When press releases with visuals are distributed to the media, the number of views is 1.4 times more than text-only releases, and video releases receive 2.8 times more views.

Hence it is important for PR and corporate communications professionals to have a mix of multimedia assets in their releases to maximise the chances of their releases getting picked up by the media.

Ranging from anniversaries to festivals and corporate acquisitions, let us share with you how brands made use of multimedia assets including videos and infographics to capture the short attention span of their audiences in the digital world of 2016.


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Top 3 Things to Resolve Before a Crisis Strikes


Last week, the second media coffee event in 2016 was hosted in Hong Kong with a topic “Crisis Communications in the Digital Age“.  The event[……]

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