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[Slideshare] 15 Best Storytelling Visuals of 2016 : Kick-start the new year with a killer press release

We are all visual creatures. When we are presented with large chunks of
information, we need visuals to help us process and remember the content. When press releases with visuals are distributed to the media, the number of views is 1.4 times more than text-only releases, and video releases receive 2.8 times more views.

Hence it is important for PR and corporate communications professionals to have a mix of multimedia assets in their releases to maximise the chances of their releases getting picked up by the media.

Ranging from anniversaries to festivals and corporate acquisitions, let us share with you how brands made use of multimedia assets including videos and infographics to capture the short attention span of their audiences in the digital world of 2016.


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Top 3 Things to Resolve Before a Crisis Strikes


Last week, the second media coffee event in 2016 was hosted in Hong Kong with a topic “Crisis Communications in the Digital Age“.  The event[……]

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Startup PR 101: 7 rules to live by for BETTER media coverage

The best way for any startup to gain media coverage is to learn from successful entrepreneurs and experienced editors. Gaining insights from Leo Widrich, Co-Founder of Buffer (a software application designed to manage accounts in social networks), Victoria Ho, Editor of Mashable Asia, and Tim Neesham, Editor of PR Newswire Asia, here are 7 ways to get media coverage for your startup.

7 media tips-cover


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Media Q&A: Bloomberg News (Singapore Bureau)

 photo Stephanie_zpsvgd4djlk.png

“What is a typical day like at Bloomberg News?” one might ask. According to Singapore Bureau Chief Stephanie Phang, every day is different. The team of editors, reporters and analysts she oversees have their hands full with covering a broad spectrum of news – energy and commodities, economy, government, stocks, bonds, FX, banks, real estate, treasuries and the regional bond markets. They also conduct interviews and write insightful analyses on financial markets.

As bureau chief, Phang is responsible for operations within the regional hub, overseeing more than 70 staff members and ensuring that they are reporting the Singapore story in a meaningful way that is valuable to their readers.

“I make sure we are all over the breaking news, help to headline and edit stories, and support reporters and editors to produce cool enterprise. When needed, I provide the check and balance on stories that we produce here on Singapore. I also identify talent, nurture and retain them, and try to make sure the people in the bureau are happy and well,” she added.

Founded in 1990, Bloomberg News grew rapidly over the years from a team of six to 2,600 journalists and analysts in over 120 countries. The industry leader in financial news has evolved based on the needs of its readers by broadening the way it delivers news both on the Bloomberg terminal and the website, and through platforms such as magazines, TV and radio.


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Content we love is quality content: This is why it matters


A quality company does not just have quality products, or quality marketing, or quality press releases; the best companies have quality everything

On July 5 at around 19:00 Beijing time, PRNA editorial received a press release from Shenzhen-based UAV manufacturer DJI headlined ‘DJI Go App Now Includes GEO Geofencing System’. I confess that, being something of a Luddite, I had little to no idea what that meant until I read it, and had it not been for what happened later I would probably have just checked it, processed it, submitted it and moved on to the next task in the inbox.


But this little press release was destined for bigger and better things.


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