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Going with Boeing: Will the aviation giant ever ask China to move in?


So for this edition of the Content We Love blog we need to fly back through the PR Newswire clouds a little bit to a release we received fro[……]

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How Effective Is Video For Your Business? Contribute to our regional survey and get priority access to the report



How important is video for your organization? How do you share video content on social and mobile channels?

In today’s digital world,[……]

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To Live and Die in Beijing: The China Expat Narrative

Stay or go

There’s an interesting debate going on among the expat community in China these days. The conversation is focused on the merits of living in this[……]

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Language Isn’t the Only Barrier


In any business transaction it’s important to do thorough due diligence before signing on the dotted line. And when you’re considering enter[……]

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China Trends: E-Commerce in the Middle Kingdom


When this blogger moved to China way back in 2008, online shopping was not only in its infancy, but it didn’t seem to be something that woul[……]

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