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Boosting Productivity: Oerlikon Metco Presents Innovative Thermal Spray Solutions for Paper and Printing Industries

2017-03-07 11:00

Oerlikon Metco will showcase its surface treatment technologies at the Sino Corrugated trade show in Shanghai, from 11-14 April, 2017.

Surface treatment of corrugating rolls and anilox rolls makes producers in the paper, pulp and print industries more cost-efficient.

From thermal spray systems and materials all the way to management of the whole process: Oerlikon Metco offers a Swiss quality one-stop-shop solution.

SHANGHAI, March 7, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Oerlikon Metco (, a worldwide innovation leader in surface solutions, focuses on the pulp & paper and print industries and will showcase its cutting-edge thermal spray technologies at the Sino Corrugated trade show in Shanghai from 11-14 April, 2017.

In the coming years, the enterprise, with headquarters in Switzerland and subsidiaries in China, aims to gain market share in the pulp and paper industries with its tailored solutions. Abrasion and corrosion affect the lifespan of corrugating rolls, anilox and calendar rolls as well as doctor blades. That is a challenge for many manufacturers in the highly competitive Chinese market, who try to reduce costs and at the same time improve performance.

Optimizing the lifetime

"With our high-end thermal spray technologies and Swiss-quality coatings, we optimize the lifetime of these parts and improve productivity. That makes the paper and pulp manufacturers more cost-efficient," says Mr. Thomas Schweizer, General Manager of Oerlikon Metco China. The Oerlikon Metco coatings, especially designed for the pulp and paper industries, protect corrugating rolls, anilox rolls and other parts from corrosion, abrasion and sliding wear and can be finished to very specific surface textures.

A true one-stop-shop: equipment, material, process

Oerlikon Metco offers its worldwide full-range solutions from one source, starting with thermal spray equipment that fits the specific processes and budgets of customers. The self-contained coating facilities are customized to production requirements. They can be used both as individual production units or incorporated into manufacturing lines. Also, the wide range of thermal spray guns in the Oerlikon Metco catalogue ensures that customers can cope with every type of application.

The right material choice is of key importance for every thermal spray process: The experts in the laboratories of Oerlikon Metco continuously work on coating powders with the highest quality and dependability. A broad range of manufacturing methods are employed to achieve the coating characteristics of the materials. The Swiss coating specialists offer an extensive portfolio including products especially designed and developed for corrugating and anilox rolls.

To achieve the best results and to reduce maintenance and component costs in the long run, Oerlikon Metco experts not only provide the materials and the equipment, but they also determine the right coating service to match each application's need in the paper and pulp industries. With their extensive knowledge, the specialists offer tailor-made solutions that boost the productivity of manufacturers. These qualified services include analysis of wear and corrosion of mechanisms, the development of customized coatings, pre- or post-coating machining operations and the repair of worn components using thermal spray processes.

Visit Oerlikon Metco at Sino Corrugated:

Hall N5 - Booth #A170

Shanghai New International Exhibition Centre

April 11-14, 2017

More information: 

About Oerlikon Metco: Oerlikon Metco enhances surfaces that bring benefits to customers through a uniquely broad range of surface technologies, equipment, materials, services, specialized machining services and components. The surface technologies, such as Thermal Spray, improve performance and increase efficiency and reliability. As an innovation leader, Oerlikon Metco is forging new paths with materials for additive manufacturing (AM). Oerlikon Metco serves industries such as aviation, power generation, automotive, pulp & paper, oil & gas, industrial and other specialized markets and operates a dynamically growing network of more than 40 sites in EMEA, the Americas and Asia Pacific. Oerlikon Metco, together with Oerlikon Balzers, belongs to the Surface Solutions Segment of the Switzerland-based Oerlikon Group (SIX: OERL). Oerlikon Metco China was founded in 2005 and has over 300 employees.

Source: Oerlikon Metco
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