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Chengtoushan World Rice Planting Civilization Forum Successfully Held

2017-06-13 09:00

BEIJING, June 13, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- The Chengtoushan World Rice Planting Civilization Forum was held at the China World Hotel, Beijing, China on June 12, 2017.

A press conference was held during the event. Guests who presented at the press conference included Dr. Zhao Zhijun, Director of the institute of Archaeology of the China Academy of Social Science; Mr. Yang Yaosong, Research Fellow of China National Hybrid Rice R&D Center; Mr. Li Yong, Famous Historian and Chief Editor of Caijing New Media; Mr. Ma Yongzhong, Deputy Party Secretary of Li County; Ms. Luo Hui, Standing Committee Member of Party Committee, and Chief of Propaganda of Li County.   

Chengtousha is an archeological civilization site located in the Chengtoushan Town of Li County, which has the prestige of the origination of the Chinese urban and world's rice planting. It was also internationally recognized as 'China's first city'. The site area has so far found the world's earliest (6500 years ago), the best-preserved rice fields and China's first large altar. It is the hotspot of archeological studies in academic exchanges on rice planting. Some of the studies include the Chinese civilization exploration project, Sino-Japanese cooperation environment archeology, Sino-US cooperation in the new Paleolithic transition and the origin of rice farming research projects. The site represents the development of the ancient civilization during the Neolithic Age in the Yangtze River Basin. It is one of the earliest discoveries in China, with the most diverse cultural relics and the most preserved ancient ruins.

The forum was jointly hosted by the China National Hybrid Rice R&D Center, the Hunan Hybrid Rice Research Center, Changde City Government, and Caijing Magazine, and undertaken by Li County Government and Beijing Youchao Think Tank.

The theme of the forum was "The Origination and Development of Rice Planting Civilization" and was divided into two parts: the origination of rice planting by historians, and the development of rice planting by academicians. Archeologists discussed the world's origination of rice planting and Li County's application for World Heritage. The top experts represented by Academician Yuan Longping revealed the future of rice planting industry in the forum.

During the forum, the organizer hosted activities including visiting the demonstration field of Academician Yuan's hybrid rice, the Rice Food Festival in Changde, and the Second Cross Straight Rice Farm Painting Festival.

Source: Beijing Youchao Think Tank

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