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Cooey Rolls Out its Enterprise Platform 'MyCooey' for Caregivers

2017-05-15 09:00
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HOUSTON, May 15, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Cooey recently rolled out its enterprise platform -  MyCooey for caregivers, a robust point-of-care solution designed for remote healthcare monitoring, with a smart design that brings together residents, caregivers, and family members irrespective of their location. 

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"Our end-to-end health monitoring mobile platform covers requirements of assisted living, in-home care, remote monitoring, post-surgical rehab and chronic disease management," says Manu Madhusudanan, Co-founder, CEO and CTO.

MyCooey stands out with its smart voice assistant 'Maya', which simplifies routine health monitoring tasks with simple voice commands. And there is Alexa skills incorporated for bed-side assistance as well.

Rules engine powered by their self-developed algorithm empowers the user to customize care plans, trigger events, viz., lifestyle advice, health monitoring, and goal setting and get real time actionable data, using machine learning and cognitive systems.

Further, its flexible design framework enables faster deployment and zero maintenance, which saves time and money. MyCooey now has 40,000+ on board users across US, Japan, and India, and they demonstrated how one can leverage best practices and enable better patient engagement, effective communication and care monitoring.

"We are celebrating the customer acceptance leading to more acquisitions and profitability. The response so far is truly heartening and proves that this has enriched the lives of those who we care about," adds Prabhakaran T P, Co-founder and COO.

Healthcare has adopted technology but it leaves a lot to be desired for remote health monitoring, and Cooey based out of Texas and Bangalore is focused on connecting the dots across the healthcare ecosystem.

Today, there are more and more 'digital natives' coming into the 'sandwich generation', where they are responsible for taking care of both - their children and their parents - while they also try to balance the demands of their careers.

"With US healthcare moving from fee-for-service to fee-for-outcomes, the care delivery models are being redesigned towards keeping patients out of hospitals. And there is huge incentive up for grabs for those who foster remote monitoring options,"says Dr.Nagaraj Honkote, Head of Product Strategy.

About Cooey     

Cooey is an end-to-end mobile-based remote health-monitoring platform provider, which allows its users to stay connected anytime, anywhere. It also interfaces with medical devices and other external systems.

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Source: Cooey Technologies Inc.

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