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Dianrong Names Executive Chairman, Co-Chairman and CEO

2017-12-07 18:41

SHANGHAI, Dec. 7, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Dianrong today made a series of senior executive announcements:

Soul Htite, Founder and former CEO, has been named Executive Chairman of the Board. In this role, Mr. Htite will continue to lead the Board and oversee strategic planning and growth activities. He will also focus on strengthening Dianrong's technology leadership position and identifying new strategic fintech partnerships across Asia Pacific.

Kevin Guo, Founder and former Co-CEO, will serve as Co-Chairman of the Board. Mr. Guo will explore new business opportunities across China and Asia, and work to further advance Dianrong's government and industry relations activities, including promoting fintech best-practices, innovation and investment.

Long Hsiang Loh, former Chief Operating Officer, has been promoted to Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Mr. Loh oversees all aspects of Dianrong's day-to-day operations, including loan originations and servicing, investment products and marketplace lending solutions.

Mr. Htite said, "Kevin and I started Dianrong five years ago with a handful of people in Shanghai and a vision for marketplace lending in China. Today, Dianrong has thousands of talented employees all across China who offer a full-suite of fintech solutions for SMEs and individuals. It's been an amazing journey so far and we're only just beginning to realize this company's true potential.

"In order to write the next chapter in the Dianrong's growth story, Kevin and I decided that we needed to hand over the daily operational responsibilities to a new CEO. We're very fortunate that person is our own Long Hsiang Loh, who has helped us develop and execute our current strategy," said Mr. Htite.

Mr. Guo said, "With the recent US$220 million Series D round funding secured and continued business expansion and product innovation, we believe Dianrong is well-positioned for continued growth and success under Long Hsiang's leadership. We are confident that his unique combination of traditional finance experience and fintech know-how will ensure continuity and consistency in Dianrong's business operations."

Prior to joining Dianrong, Mr. Loh spent 18 years with Standard Chartered Bank, where he held various global and local leadership positions. As Global Head of Markets & Institutional Risk Management and Chief Credit Officer, Global Markets, he helped the bank navigate through the Global Financial Crisis. In China, Mr. Loh was the Chief Credit Officer of the Wholesale Bank, before moving on to run the business. He also was General Manager of the Shanghai Branch, before serving as Deputy CEO of Standard Chartered China, where he oversaw overall corporate strategy, business expansion, human resources, risk management and administrative affairs.

In 2013, Mr. Loh was named a "Shanghai Top 10 Financial Innovation Leader" by Xinhua News Agency. He is certified as a Financial Risk Manager by the Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP).

Dianrong recently announced Series D Round funding of US$220 million led by GIC Private Limited, Singapore's sovereign wealth fund, along with CMIG Leasing, Simone Investment Managers, and other institutional and individual investors.

Additional details about Dianrong executives are available at

About Dianrong

Dianrong, a leader in online marketplace lending in China, originates US$500 million in monthly assets for 4 million retail lenders. Founded in 2012, Dianrong offers individuals and small and medium-sized enterprises a comprehensive, one-stop financial platform supported by industry-leading technology, compliance and transparency. The company's sophisticated and flexible infrastructure enables it to design and customize lending and borrowing products and services, based on industry-specific data and insights, all supported by online risk-management and operation tools. Dianrong's specific offerings include loan originations, investment products and marketplace lending solutions. Dianrong was also named in 2016 to the executive directorship of the National Internet Finance Association of China, led by the People's Bank of China. Based in Shanghai, Dianrong has 86 offices across China. For more information, please visit


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