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Focalmax Presents Full Product Line-up at MWC 2017 to Seize Opportunities in the VR/AR Business Market

2017-03-02 19:31

BARCELONA, Spain, March, 2, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Focalmax, a global intelligent terminal manufacturer and mobile internet service provider, introduced its full product line-up at the Mobile World Congress 2017.

As a leading developer in VR/AR industry, Focalmax is committed to building a VR+AR ecosystem in China. Regarding marketing strategies, Focalmax decided to take aim at the business market first, and move into the consumer market after acquiring more mature strategies and technologies.

According to Focalmax, the business market has higher specialization and regionalism compared with consumer markets, and obviously possesses stronger potential in the early stages of the VR/AR industry. VR technology improves the methods of information display and enhances the customer experience, thus propelling the conversion from brand communication into sales. Meanwhile, VR technology can also be applied across numerous diversified fields in the business market. Focalmax will also test the purchase intentions of the consumer market during the process of exploring the business sector, so as to guarantee short-term yields as well as lay the foundations for entering the consumer market.

As a flagship product riding on Focalmax's strong optical R&D capabilities, Scati ONE features high optical standards, including a 4K HD OLED display and a 110° FOV that provides a fully immersive experience. It is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor and utilizes the groundbreaking Snapdragon VR Software Development Kit (SDK) that provides Focalmax with access to advanced VR features of the Snapdragon 820, reducing the "motion-to-photon" latency by up to 50 percent. The light accordion structure that weighs less than 360 grams is also an outstanding feature.

Another highlight in the Focalmax booth is the Intelligent Robot Housekeeper, which is also exhibited in the Qualcomm booth. The core of this product is visual and communication technology, with a built-in Internet hardware system and various functions, including mobile video data collection, human interaction, 3D scanning, remote avatar, online VR shopping, and social media. It also has a pollution detection sensor and an infrared detector that senses human bodies, achieving real-time monitoring of indoor air quality and giving it the ability to follow along after people.  

In addition, Focalmax also exhibits projectors, head up displays (HUD), glasses-free 3D smart phones, sports DV and many other products, revealing Focalmax's latest progress in establishing its own smart-connected ecosystem and achieving connectivity "Anytime & Anywhere".

Source: Focalmax

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