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INTEMPORA Unveils RTMaps Embedded. A New Step Further Towards the Development of Autonomous Vehicles

2017-06-20 17:28

STUTTGART, Germany, June 20, 2017 /PRNewswire/ --

Intempora S.A., editor of RTMaps (Real-Time Multisensor Applications), unveils a new major version called «RTMaps Embedded». RTMaps is a component-based development software which facilitates the design and the execution of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and highly automated driving (HAD) applications. 

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As embedded software in intelligent vehicles becomes more and more complex, with the tremendous increase of the number of sensors and the Electronical Control Units (ECUs) computation complexity, it becomes critical to automakers and suppliers to use advanced and efficient software solutions that can handle time coherency among these numerous software tasks and the high bandwidth of raw data streams with a powerful real-time execution performance.

For many years, Intempora have discussed the needs and challenges of the automotive industry, studied the available technical solutions and worked on advanced features of RTMaps in many research projects and customers use-cases. This important involvement in the RTMaps software today ensures a new milestone for the development of autonomous vehicles.

RTMaps Embedded (V4.5) now supports embedded targets dedicated to ADAS and HAD providing number crunching capabilities in tomorrow's vehicles with modern SoCs as developed by major silicon vendors such as Renesas, NVIDIA and NXP. Among them:

  • the Renesas HAD Solution Kit: a powerful solution kit for autonomous driving systems that delivers high computing performance targeted at automotive functional safety to reduce development time of ECUs. The HAD Solution Kit is part of the Renesas autonomy™ Platform, which is an open, innovative and trusted platform for ADAS and automated driving, consisting of sustainable and scalable SoC, microcontroller (MCU) and solution kits.
  • the NXP BlueBox: an Automated Drive Development Platform that meets the stringent safety, power and processing performance requirements of the global automotive industry,
  • the NVidia® Drive™ PX2: a powerful GPU-based AI Car computer designed to enable the R&D of next generation autonomous driving systems for the software development of deep neural networks powering perception, HD mapping, localization, reasoning and planning
  • the upcoming dSPACE MicroAutoBox Embedded SPU: a high quality state-of-the-art prototyping platform for Automated Driving functionalities.

This new RTMaps release allows users to graphically edit RTMaps applications (diagrams) executing on targets, thanks to the RTMaps Remote Studio while taking the most of SoCs computation performance. Hence it facilitates porting designs from early prototyping stages on PCs down to the most recent ECUs designed for mass-production. This dramatically reduces development cycles and simplifies the deployment of real-time multisensory applications on embedded targets.

About RTMaps:


Intempora S.A. is an independant software editor founded in 2000 and based on the works performed and developed from 1998 at the Center of Robotics of Mines-ParisTech. Intempora has now over 15 years of knowledge and expertise in providing advanced software solutions for the automotive industry, especially with real-time multisensor applications which play an essential role in robotics, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and highly automated driving (HAD).

Since 2016, Intempora S.A. has signed a strategic partnership with dSPACE GmbH. Through this agreement, dSPACE globally and exclusively distributes RTMaps (except in France) and provides a complete portfolio for rapid development, testing and validation. This cooperation is an essential milestone which allows to provide innovative solutions for the automotive industry.

Source: Intempora

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