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Intelliber Technologies recognized as 332nd best privately held company in America by Entrepreneur magazine

2017-03-17 10:27

SAN FRANCISCO, March 17, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Being a small business has always been considered as one of the banes of being an enterprise. SMB's have their own kinds of challenges and their success majorly depends upon the support received from the ecosystem or the visionary strengths of its management team.

According to Entrepreneur 360™ Intelliber Technologies has been recognized as one among top 360 companies and it is now considered as one of the Best Privately-Owned Businesses in America. Entrepreneur 360™ releases its lists through a magazine named as Entrepreneur magazine. This magazine includes a list of highly anticipated companies which is also known as Entrepreneur 360™ list of companies which comprises of Best Entrepreneurial Companies in America.

In this Second Annual Entrepreneur 360™ List, which was issued on 25th October 2016 comprises of 360 companies in which America's Best Privately-Owned Companies are showcased. According to this list Intelliber Technologies (Previously Intelliber) has been ranked 332nd Best company in America in the 2nd annual list of Entrepreneur 360 Companies. This list is based upon comprehensive study where independently-owned companies are ranked using exclusive algorithm and advanced analytics. This algorithm is fabricated on a scorecard which is measured on the basis of four metrics innovation, growth, leadership and impact which reflects a true entrepreneurship. Entrepreneur 360™ looks for crazy business ideas and identifies 360 small business companies in America every year and.

About Intelliber Technologies

Intelliber Technologies is an innovation, customer focused and primarily a product startup and has some of the best products industry has ever seen, named Socialyk, Employrr, Convask apart from other subsidiaries in its portfolio like ITMRD, Contentuals and Network Story. Intelliber Technologies is also known for providing industry leadership in areas like BPM, Cloud Computing, Mobile Apps designing, Cyber Security, Ecommerce and Software Automation Testing and functionality focused business platform via its IT Solutions concern ITMRD. Intelliber Technologies is a fully bootstrapped enterprise running under the tactful leadership of our Founder & CEO; Mr Jyoti Ranjan who is an IIMC dropout.

Intelliber Technologies rank can be viewed in this exclusive list of Entrepreneur 360™:

Source: Intelliber Technologies Inc.

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