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Korea Plastic Surgery Clinic, TL Plastic Surgery Introduces "How to Avoid Revision Surgery After Facial Contouring"

2017-05-17 10:00

SEOUL, South Korea, May 17, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Facial contouring surgeries such as square jaw surgery or zygoma (cheekbone) reduction are performed more than ever before. However, as the number of cases increases, the number of side effects and re-operations are also increasing. In order to avoid this post-facial contouring revision, Dr. Kim Jeemyung and Dr. Choi Sewoon discuss the following:

TL Plastic Surgery
TL Plastic Surgery

"When performing square jaw reduction or zygoma reduction, rather than simply cutting and removing bones, careful and accurate diagnosis is needed at the planning stage. In addition, the surgeon must be able to predict all possible outcomes during or after surgery and be capable of responding accordingly during the actual surgery. Recently issues surrounding fake surgeons have been problematic. Regardless, it is important to have a clear understanding prior to surgery who will be performing the surgery, and adequate prior consultation is required."

Dr Kim Jeemyung continues, "The method of surgery is important. It's not about brilliant techniques or technology. Cosmetic surgery is more of a medicine than an art. Predictable and proven methods at an institute are the ones that are safe. These are safer than methods and techniques that surgeons claim they can only provide. Anyone can simply cut the bones at the time of chin or square jaw surgery if they have some experience. However, accurate diagnosis must be made and appropriate methods presented. Despite having square jaw surgery, there may be no frontal effect at all. And in some cases, zygoma reduction may have occurred, but the face structure does not look appealing. It should be possible to present a proper surgical plan through sufficient diagnosis and consultation."

About TL Plastic Surgery

TL Plastic Surgery was established in Seoul in 2008 and is currently located in Gangnam. Nine full-time specialists with clinical experience in each field provide differentiated health care services from medical care to surgery.Before the operation of the facial contouring, we perform stereotactic examination through 3D-CT to perform 1:1 customization considering overall balance and harmony. The resident anesthesiologist as well as the facial contouring specialist take responsibility for the whole procedure. We are making all efforts for a safe and high-quality surgery.

TL Plastic Surgery Korea Facial Contouring Center

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