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Korea Plastic Surgery Clinic, TL Plastic Surgery's Face Elongation 'TL Perfect V-line' Is Recommended

2017-05-15 10:00
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SEOUL, South Korea, May 15, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Because facial contour surgery is a sophisticated operation that involves changing the entire face by shaving bones through general anesthesia, it is essential to confirm the surgical procedure, the clinical experience of medical staff, and the safety procedures of the clinic for successful operation.

TL Plastic Surgery
TL Plastic Surgery

Famous for their facial contouring surgery center in Gangnam, Korea, Dr. Choi Sewoon and Dr. Kim Jeemyeon discuss the facial contouring surgery procedures of TL Perfect V-line. "Although square jaw surgery is called V-line surgery, simply removing the square jaw is not V-line surgery. To create a V-line-shaped face that is not a round egg-shaped face but a slender shape all the way to the chin, this surgery is necessary. "

They further discuss:"TL Perfect V-line is a facial contouring surgery that creates a smoother side jaw and slender V-like shape at the tip of the chin, which is more effective than regular square jaw surgery.

Through a combination of topical osteotomy and square jaw surgery that resect the angle of the lateral line, this enhances the frontal and facial line effects. For this, considering the width of the front jaw along with the face of the individual, the natural jaw line can be achieved without the impression of surgery.

They further explain the following: "V-line square jaw surgery, cortical fracture, and jaw reduction are performed at once to provide the patient the most ideal face type. 3D CT is used to identify individual anatomical differences in patients and to diagnose accurate facial structures, thus enabling more accurate and safe surgery and natural beauty for patients."

About TL Plastic Surgery

TL Plastic Surgery was established in Seoul in 2008 and is currently located in Gangnam. Nine full-time specialists with clinical experience in each field provide differentiated health care services from medical care to surgery.Before the operation of the facial contouring, we perform stereotactic examination through 3D-CT to perform 1: 1 customization considering overall balance and harmony. The resident anesthesiologist as well as the facial contouring specialist take responsibility for the whole procedure. We are making all efforts for a safe and high-quality surgery.

TL Plastic Surgery Korea Facial Contouring Center

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