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Korea Plastic Surgery, TL Plastic Surgery Introduces Non-incisional Lifting 'TL LAFIT' with Know-how of the Director Jung Yeon-ho

2017-04-18 10:00
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SEOUL, South Korea, April 18, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- It is not easy to prevent aging that occurs naturally with the passage of time. However, there has been continuous research and efforts to improve and slow down such phenomenon. As a result, various procedures are increasing in Korean plastic surgery. Dr Jung Yeonho, the director of Korea TL Plastic Surgery, presented non-incisional lifting 'TL LAFIT' with 20 years of know-how.

TL Plastic Surgery Dr. Jung Yeonho
TL Plastic Surgery Dr. Jung Yeonho

Dr. Jung Yeonho, a head director of anti-aging center of Korea TL Plastic Surgery, said, "LAFIT lifting is an operation that uses a new material called Elasticum and a melting thread together which shows a natural and long-lasting results. The Elasticum elastic band is a soft thread like a subcutaneous tissue and has flexibility like a ligament during the procedure. Therefore, the result is natural, and the fixation effect within the tissue is excellent due to its non-absorbability. Minimal incision can be used to improve the wrinkles as well as lifting the distant site from the incision site. It improves the disadvantages of the conventional lifting such as irritation or inconvenience when changing the facial expressions, thereby improving the elasticity along with the role of ligaments and enabling more natural expression of the face."

He also added that, "LAFIT lifting uses a special thread which has polyester covered tightly on the fine silicone and a melting thread together unlike the conventional thread lifting, and guarantees quick recovery. Since it has good flexibility, the movement of the face and body is natural. This is a procedure that optimizes younger looking face in a short period of time as well as slim chin, wrinkle removal, and skin elasticity which gives the effect that the face looks small."

About TL Plastic Surgery

TL Plastic Surgery is founded in 2008 and located in Gangnam currently. The 9 professional specialists with rich clinical experiences in each field perform the consultation and surgery and provide differentiated medical services. Furthermore, based on the principle of original and quantitative product for medical equipment, Botox, filler and lifting thread used during the procedure, the patient safety is considered as the first priority.

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