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Online Order Placement Now Available for OEM (ODM) Products with 25 Kinds of Natural Japanese Water

2017-04-11 13:00

TOKYO, April 11, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Hoshi Corporation, a cosmetic, quasi-drug and health food supplement product manufacturer headquartered in Japan, is now ready to receive through a new website online orders for 25 kinds of natural Japanese water containing ingredients originating from the ocean, "onsen" (hot spring), fruit, plants and natural minerals. Our prized safe and high-quality products have led to the sales of over 20,000 products all over the world.


Devices available for access: PCs, mobile phones

Function of water in cosmetic products

In general, over 95% of cosmetic lotion (toner) is water. Therefore, it can be said that water is closely related to the effects of skin care products more than active ingredients.

It is important to care your skin not only from inside the body by drinking, but also from outside.

Japan is surrounded by seas on all sides, with forested foothills occupying over 80% of its land. We have plenty of water sources benefiting from nature and most of those have been approved as cosmetic ingredients. Those water ingredients enjoy a high reputation and gain support from our customers. By reconsidering "water" as an essential active ingredient, we offer products guaranteeing high levels of quality in addition to customer satisfaction. Our water can embody the company's brand concept and generate additional product value.

We offer this unique water as a cosmetic ingredient and also can combine it in line with your OEM formulation.

Introduction and recommendations

(1) Shimane Izumo Onsen Water

Surrounded by clear streams and beautiful landscapes, the Izumo hot spring site is widely known as a medicated bath from 1,200 years ago. From its efficacy, it is often called "beauty's hot water" because of its thorough penetration into the skin.

(2) Mandarin Orange (Unshu-Mikan) Water

Derived from mandarin oranges produced in Ehime prefecture: Mild temperatures all year around make Ehime a great production area of mandarin oranges. Ehime faces the Seto Island Sea and its beautiful landscape and calm climate make people call "the Aegean Sean in Japan." Mandarin oranges picked manually are very fresh and their natural sweetness and deliciousness are quite distinguishing.

(3) Hokkaido Shiretoko Rausu Deep Seawater

The Shiretoko Peninsula is located in the north of Hokkaido and has entered a list of World Natural Heritage sites. Rausu faces the Sea of Okhotsk and it is known as the world's southernmost place where drift ice can be observed.

Company Profile

Name: Hoshi Corporation
Address: 31-2, Kanda Higashi Matsushita-Cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0042, JAPAN
CEO: Tsuneo Hoshino
Founded: April 30, 1975
Capital: 80,000,000 yen
Business lines:
- Sales for cosmetic, pharmaceutical and health foods
- Planning and sales for containers and packaging materials
- Planning and contract manufacturing for cosmetic, pharmaceutical and health foods

Source: Hoshi Corporation
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