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RayVio Shows UV-C Dosing as Highly Effective for Water Sterilization

2017-05-31 08:00

RayVio demonstrates value for consumer applications such as humidifiers and water pitchers as it continues to lead in UV-C LED lifetime and performance.

HAYWARD, California, May 31, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- RayVio Corp., an advanced health and hygiene company, published its latest application note detailing the company's ultraviolet dosing experiments proving the water sterilization capability of RayVio's UV-C LEDs. Water safety is of particular concern in consumer appliances and applications where water may stand for a period of time, be exposed to contaminants, or be turned into vapor and distributed through the air, as is the case with humidifiers.

"3mW of UV-C light from a RayVio XE Series LED applied hourly for 5 minutes can keep stored water 'clean' indefinitely," said Dr. Doug Collins, CTO and VP of Engineering.

The first experiment, a side-by-side test of two clean water samples showed that intermittent treatment (dosing) with RayVio's UV-C will keep clean water clean while water that isn't dosed with RayVio's UV-C light will have significant growth of bacteria.

The second experiment with two heavily contaminated water samples demonstrated that contaminated water exposed to periodic doses of UV-C light from RayVio's UV LED can be decontaminated with a few doses of UV light over the span of several hours.

Complete details and results of both experiments can be found here.

"Water safety is on everyone's mind because of its potential as a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses and the ease with which infections can be spread at homes and in offices," said Dr. Collins. "Clearly, our XE Series UV-C LEDs can keep clean water from becoming contaminated with germs and clean already contaminated water."

Leading Lifetime for UV-C LEDs approaching 10,000 hours
Operational lifetime of UV-C LEDs is critical to most applications and particularly those that affect people's health and hygiene. Lifetime performance of RayVio's XE and XP Series UV-C LEDs continue to lead the industry. With lifetimes approaching 10,000 hours, the value and longevity of many consumer applications continues to increase as well.

Table of lifetime hours
Table of lifetime hours

Advances in UV-C LED Performance
Disinfecting flowing water and sterilizing medical instruments requires the highest possible levels of UV-C LED performance. RayVio is now in volume production of the industry's highest performing UV-C LED, the XP Series, with 70mW of output. The company remains on-track for delivering 100mW performance from a single device in the near future.

About RayVio Corp.
RayVio Corp. is an advanced health and hygiene company that delivers clean water and environments. RayVio helps protect billions from germs and creates new markets and revenue streams by enabling a new class of products. Its powerful and efficient UV LED technology can be integrated into a variety of applications, powering versatile on-demand solutions that give consumers control over health without chemicals or costly consumables. To learn more, please visit



Source: RayVio Corp.

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