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Samsung Showcases Latest Diagnostic Solutions for Radiologists at the 2017 European Congress of Radiology

2017-03-02 23:40
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Highlighting 'Access & Accuracy' in diagnosis with the latest offerings 

Presenting advanced image technology and clinical studies at Satellite Symposia

VIENNA, March 2, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- To empower radiologists around the world, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. is showcasing the latest medical devices and solutions, as well as hosting symposia on advanced imaging technology and recent clinical researches at the 2017 European Congress of Radiology (ECR) from March 1 to 5 in Vienna, Austria.


Samsung will highlight solutions that focus on providing 'Improved Access and Enhanced Accuracy' in order for radiologists and radiographers to perform more confident diagnosis and better patient care. By integrating its leading capabilities in form factor innovations, Samsung's latest medical equipment helps users get to patients faster and easier with ergonomic design that is more compact and lighter. Latest upgrades in imaging features have also applied Samsung's latest analytic algorithm and image enhancing technology to help radiologists make more accurate decisions with greater clarity.


"Samsung aims to offer what radiologists and clinicians most seek from diagnostic solutions and deliver technologies that meet their needs for easier access and greater accuracy," said Dongsoo Jun, President of Health & Medical Equipment Business at Samsung Electronics and CEO of Samsung Medison. "Our commitment to European customers and radiologists around the world only grows stronger each year. Samsung is continuing to develop technologies that will bring new innovations to various medical environments."


On display at Samsung's booth are the following solutions:

Improved Access

The new award-winning mobile digital radiography GM85 offers an ultimate driving experience, and the CereTom® is utilized in a wide range of market applications such as mobile stroke units:

  • GM85's compact design & optimized workflow: Winning the 2017 iF Design Award, the GM85 equips with a slim, ergonomic design which allows easy access around tight spaces, even in elevators by its 555mm narrow width and about 40% lighter weight (at 349kg) than previous models. Applying Samsung's world-class user-oriented design capability, the device offers a collapsible column which gives users clear visibility when moving the system and broadens access to smaller spaces. Its adaptive soft-driving control and front-bumper sensor also help make navigation safer. Moreover, the Quick-positioning allows handle-free, precise body movement by simple button clicks on the THU (Tube Head Unit).
  • CereTom®, a portable CT scanner with versatility: The 8-slice scanner delivers rapid scan time and immediate image viewing with high-quality images in a variety of patient locations. The mobile stroke unit (MSU), a specialized ambulance or other emergency medical vehicle that is equipped with a CereTom®, allows the team onboard to quickly assess whether a patient is having a stroke caused by a blood clot or hemorrhage.

Enhanced Diagnostic Accuracy

The premium ultrasound system RS80A with Prestige and ceiling-type digital radiography GC85A offers cutting-edge features that enhance diagnostic consistency and accuracy:

  • RS80A with Prestige's latest key features: The CEUS+, Samsung's latest contrast-enhanced ultrasound imaging provides superb resolution and improved uniformity with new transmit technology. It improves the diagnosis of small lesions through clear expression of tissue boundaries and assists users achieve easier and more accurate interventional procedures. The S-Detect™ for Breast helps radiologists understand characteristics of breast lesions to determine whether they're malignant or benign in a few clicks with improved accuracy.
  • GC85A improves image clarity and radiographer's workflow: Bone Suppression improves clarity of soft tissue when suppressing the appearance of bones in chest images. As a result, nodule detection is improved to support diagnostic assessment. The device also features a new function which allows its operation without a portable grid, which not only reduces operator's wrist overload but also eliminates alignment errors that often occur with portable grids, reducing retake rates.

Samsung Satellite Symposia

On Thursday 12:30-13:30 at Room X (2nd level), Samsung presents how advanced imaging technologies such as artificial intelligence and computer aided tool benefits in diagnosis, and on Friday 12:30-13:30 at Studio 2017 (1st level), clinical research using Samsung's contrast-enhanced ultrasound technology will be held, respectively. Please visit here, for registration.

Advanced Samsung Imaging Technology

March 2, Thursday (Room X, 2nd Level)




12:30 ~ 13:00

Artificial intelligence in Radiology

(from CAD to workflow improvement)

Prof. Alison Noble

(Oxford Uni.)

13:00 ~ 13:30

Role of S-Detect making supporting tool to characterize focal breast lesions

Prof. Tommaso V. Bartolotta
(Uni. of Palermo)

Contrast-enhanced Ultrasonography : Advances and Current Status in Medical Practice

March 3, Friday (Studio 2017, 1st Level)




12:30 ~ 12:50

New tools in Multiparametric ultrasound

: from guidelines to clinical practice

Prof. Vito Cantisani (Sapienza Uni. of Rome)

12:50 ~ 13:10

Pediatric CEUS

: Indications and Cost Effectiveness

Dr. Maria Sellars

(King's College London)

13:10 ~ 13:30

CEUS as a problem solving tool in clinical practice

Prof. Paul S. Sidhu

(King's College London)

For more information, please visit

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Source: Samsung Electronics
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