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Send Anywhere Introduces 'My Link'

2017-10-02 17:00
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-A new feature that provides unprecedented user freedom in file sharing

LONDON, Oct. 2, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Send Anywhere, the unlimited and intuitive file sharing tool for any device, without restrictions, has announced updates to host its services including its website, mobile apps as well as the desktop apps.

The updates include social login and a new feature named 'My Link.' The social login enables users to create a personal account to Send Anywhere service from their social profiles and access the 'My Link.' 'My Link' is a new feature that allows users to manage all Send Anywhere share links created from different devices, with the option to extend the expiration deadline or delete as they wish.

While conventional file transfer service offers features such as My Link as a paid service, Send Anywhere's My Link keeps tracks of all the files shared from different devices without extra charge.

"At the very core of our service is to make file sharing intuitive," said Seung-Hyun SON, the CMO at Send Anywhere. "The new updates allow users the maximum freedom in managing the files they have shared and make it even easier for them to send and share files to any number of different devices".

The new updates follows after the launch of a revamped Send Anywhere website in Europe. The website was renewed for users to send files to many recipients via e-mail without any download restrictions. For more information and to test the new updates yourselves, you can download any of the Send Anywhere service in the following link.   

About Send Anywhere:
Founded in 2012 in Seoul, Send Anywhere, the brainchild of Estmob Inc. is a file sharing service that takes an easy, quick, and unlimited approach to file sharing. Easily, it lets you transfer any file type, across any platform, all without requiring signing up or logging in. Quickly, given network conditions, it finds the optimal network path to ensure the fastest transfer. As for unlimited, you can send any sized file, as many times as you want, all for free. Send Anywhere works across Amazon Kindle, Android, iOS, Windows PC and Phone, Mac, Linux, Web Widget, API, WordPress Plugin, and for Samsung Printers.

For more information, please contact:  
Jaeman Lee
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Source: Send Anywhere

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