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Supercars Kick Popular Science for Families into High Gear

2017-09-04 16:45

HONG KONG, Sept. 4, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- The Internet Age has led to many products now being linked to mobile phones or wireless communications. The international safety testing experts at TUV Rheinland recently partnered with popular science education expert Doctor X to stage a science education event for learning through play -- the "Remote-Controlled Supercar Racing Camp." Held on the afternoon of September 2, the camp brought adults and children together for a weekend afternoon exploring the wonders of science.

Supercars Kick Popular Science for Families into High Gear
Supercars Kick Popular Science for Families into High Gear

There are many science questions that come to mind in everyday life. What is wireless communications? What makes remote-controlled cars go? Exciting remote-controlled supercar races helped the adults and children learn about the principles of wireless technology and related safety knowledge. The participants also had fun with DIY and teamwork. And last but not least, every child also went home with their very own stylish supercar.

Supercars Kick Popular Science for Families into High Gear
Supercars Kick Popular Science for Families into High Gear

TUV Rheinland organizes children's safety education events every year to uphold the spirit of corporate social responsibility and continuous innovation. This year, the age level and teaching materials were upgraded to incorporate corporate branding and enhance family relations. This allowed the children to better understand scientific principles by learning through play. During the event, Doctor X used interactive experiments to teach everyone about the principles of wireless radio and scientific knowledge related to supercars, and TUV Rheinland Safety Ambassador Frankie Lin also explained why safety assessment is essential for wireless products. After understanding some basic knowledge, the children couldn't wait for the speed races to start. During the speed races process, some unskilled kids led to crash, sometimes control fluently, which made them exploded with laughter constantly. And to help children quickly win the supercar, some parents also joined the competition.

Science can be found everywhere in our lives. The design of this event combined theory with hands-on experiments to link scientific knowledge with the real world. Modern education theory emphasizes the 4P's: Projects, Peers, Passion, and Play. TUV Rheinland hopes this popular-science event will inspire children's interest and learning motivation. Their passion can then be inspired through play, and achievement of team goals through playing with their peers.

In this day and age, where technology is everywhere, science education is essential to prepare children for future challenges and to ensure their competitiveness. Here, learning through play puts science education within reach. Apart from encouraging children's curiosity and pursuit of knowledge, they also learn the importance of safety protection and limitations. This will help them exploit their true potential in the future.

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Source: TUV Rheinland

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