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TUV Rheinland Opening International Doors for Southeast Asia Companies

2017-05-09 13:25
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HONG KONG, May 9, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- On April 18, 2017, TUV Rheinland Greater China's Management System e-commerce team signed a strategic cooperation agreement on Corporate Identity Verification (CIV) with the Malaysian company DDBill International Sdn Bhd. (hereafter referred to as the "DDBill"). DDBill was also presented with a plaque recognizing its status as the CIV representative for Southeast Asia. In the future, DDBill will have overall responsibility for the promotion of TUV Rheinland's CIV business throughout the Southeast Asia region.

TUV Rheinland Opening International Doors for Southeast Asia Companies
TUV Rheinland Opening International Doors for Southeast Asia Companies

The slowdown in global economic growth has seen countries in Southeast Asia become a hot spot for global investments due to their geographic location, liberal policies, lower investment costs and sustained economic growth. Manufacturers across the world including those in China are now speeding up the transfer of their production centers to Southeast Asia, leading to closer integration between local business and the global economy. Most Southeast Asia companies have run into problems during their integration with the international market due to a lack of recognition and unfamiliarity with global economic rules.

The new cooperation agreement means that TUV Rheinland's CIV service will now be rolled out across Southeast Asia. This represents an important milestone for CIV's push into the international market. In the past, Southeast Asian companies have found it hard to make any headway in their internationalization strategy. DDBill can now provide customers with a new value-added service based on the authoritative global certification services provided by TUV Rheinland. The new service will effectively enhance the image of Southeast Asia companies and help them take the first step towards internationalization. Making it easier to win the trust of potential customers and buyers will help shorten the transaction cycle.

CIV is a service that TUV Rheinland is promoting at the global level. It is aimed at overcoming the problems of reactive marketing and asymmetry in business information by providing greater transparency, accurate representation of a company's credit and overall capabilities, rapid trust-building and making businesses more attractive. It also creates a healthy and sustainable trading environment for the global economy.

DDBill has many years of experience in the Southeast Asian market. Its extensive factory and government resources will help TUV Rheinland rapidly expand its presence in the Southeast Asian market as well. The TUV Rheinland brand which originated in Germany enjoys tremendous international influence. Its wealth of experience in e-commerce enables TUV Rheinland to provide DDBill with professional advice on the management of the DD4 transnational e-commerce platform. The identity verification service for suppliers on the platform can effectively solve the issue of trust and speed up order delivery.

"Southeast Asia is a new growth region in the global economy. We have observed a high level of interest in international trade among local companies as well as the obstacles that they have run into." Daisy Zhang, head of e-Commerce services, Management Systems, TUV Rheinland Greater China, said: "The latest cooperation with DDBill is an important move in our bid to enter Southeast Asia and help local businesses open up international markets. Both parties will work from a basis of mutual benefit in developing solutions tailored to the needs of local enterprises."

TUV Rheinland's CIV can serve as a "card of business credibility" for use in commercial activities such as trade shows, marketing and negotiations. It provides buyers with a comprehensive and accurate picture of suppliers, helps service providers win rapid recognition in competitive markets, and shortens transaction cycles to make partnerships more productive.

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