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The 2nd WCA World Contest Championship Concludes in Beijing

2016-10-22 10:00
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BEIJING, Oct. 22, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- WCA ran a seven-day World Contest Championship for CS:GO, with China, UK and Russia facing off in Beijing, which finished on Wednesday. Nine of the world's top teams gathered to participate in this fierce competition.

The 2nd WCA World Contest Championship
The 2nd WCA World Contest Championship

Among the three British teams, FMesports is a shining star. They have traveled to multiple countries for competitions, such as Denmark, Belgium, Spain, France, Germany in Europe and the United States for Major League Gaming. The other two teams are new e-sports organizations Endpoint and CAZesports. The three UK teams were extremely excited to be invited to compete in Beijing for this project.

The Russia teams are known for their strength. 5 Frags, an experienced team, and QB Fire, an European strong team, were highly expected to win, while Quantum Bellator has shown incredible stamina and is a team to be watched in the future.

Faced with the challenges from the UK and Russia, three professional teams from China were also battling to win. The teams were: Tyloo, a 13 time champion in 2016; VG.CyberZen, comprised of members from different e-sports backgrounds; and New4, an aggressive team with a highly explosive force like a wolf.

These e-sports players from three nations showed their outstanding performance in a match and provided the audience a splendid event.

The competition ended with one of the Chinese teams winning. Compared with other hugely popular e-sports games, CS:GO has a relatively modest number of players in China, while it has already become an important component of e-sports across the world.

WCA always adheres to the idea of holding competitions on international levels; it is setting up an international e-sports stage in order to promote the exchange and development between China and foreign countries and leading the Chinese e-sports industry.

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Source: World Cyber Arena

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