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2017-07-13 00:50
-The company is targeting its AI technology to 0.5 billion knowledge workers worldwide

MENLO PARK, Calif., July 13, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Findo Inc, an AI-productivity applications company, announces (pronounced /iva/), an AI-driven Task Assistant, at MobileBeat 2017. This new AI assistant prevents knowledge workers from forgetting about important requests through email. processes the user's emails using Natural Language Processing and unsupervised Machine Learning to automatically extract tasks and assignments. It understands if an important request was overlooked and reminds the user to follow up.

Radicati Group found that people exchange 269 emails per day. While 8.4 of those messages contain requests and assignments, that amounts to 118 tasks per person every two weeks (Findo internal research). According to Findo's internal research, 25.3% of managers experience a fear of missing a critical task from someone. Even though 79.7% users use various task management techniques, busy schedules allow some assignments to slip through the cracks.

Findo developed the Yva personal assistant to keep track of important tasks without any supervision needed. By reading email threads, Yva understands whether or not the task was completed, important or not and when the deadline is. First, Yva dynamically ranks the user's contacts based on correspondence history. Secondly, Yva conducts sentiment analysis to understand email contents. Thirdly, Yva analyzes the user's latest activity and project involvement. Combining those 3 factors, Yva assigns a task importance score and adds the task to the Daily Task list when the deadline approaches.

"It is not just another Task Management System," says Gary Fowler, Co-Founder and CEO at Findo, "Yva is an invisible Task Management System because it's entirely automated. It reads your emails and alerts you if you have forgotten something important."

Yva recognizes tasks assigned to the user and by the user to others, which is categorized in the Daily Task List Yva generates. The user can turn on reminders, where Yva will automatically prompt the user's co-workers if they haven't completed the task assigned to them and the reminders will automatically switch off once they have completed the task.

More importantly, Yva interacts with users through email, so anyone with an email account can use it. "Nothing to install, nothing to download. You just cc in your email when you assign a task to someone and Yva will help make sure it gets done," comments David Yang, co-founder and Chairman at Findo.

Findo launched, an AI search assistant, in October 2016 and gained over 120,000 users in several months. Since then, Findo has indexed over a billion emails and files, which has helped Findo's unsupervised ML engine to understand major search patterns.

"A year ago, we released the Findo Search Assistant - a Google-like search across corporate and personal email and files. We help solve the problem: you know that file exists, but you can't find it," says Gary Fowler. "But then we realized that tasks were the most requested search objects. Businesses and individual professionals wanted Findo to remind them if they had overlooked something important. So we decided to create Yva."

Similarly to, can connect to both personal and corporate emails. Findo's users include county/municipal workers, financial analysts, managers, salespeople, small business owners, teachers, students, designers, and many others across many industries in tens of countries. All of current Findo users will be able to take advantage of Yva's technology very soon. 

"We want all of the 0.5 Billion knowledge workers and managers worldwide to enjoy Yva's task management skills and become more productive. The company's vision is to create the best AI-powered productivity tools to assist people so they can save time, make deadlines, and complete more tasks," says co-founder David Yang.

About Findo
Findo Inc., a Silicon Valley AI-productivity company, headquartered in Menlo Park, California. Findo was co-founded by award-winning serial entrepreneurs Gary A. Fowler and David Yang. The two co-founders lead a team of 20 artificial intelligence scientists, engineers, and project managers. The company has nine filed patents. For additional information on Findo, please visit

Contact: Gary Fowler

Source: Findo
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