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"DeltaHealth Heart Charity Fund" Helps Poor Patients Access Cardiovascular Care

2017-07-11 20:26

SHANGHAI, June 11, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, the first anniversary of DeltaHealth Heart Charity Fund ("the Fund") was held in Shanghai. It was hosted by Overseas Chinese Charity Foundation of China (OCCFC) and organized by DeltaHealth Hospital Shanghai. The Fund was initiated in June 2016 by Prof. Li Zhong Sun and Academician Prof. Jun Bo Ge, with a mission to improve cardiovascular care, build public awareness of cardiovascular health, offer charitable assistance, and promote academic exchanges and research in China. DeltaHealth Hospital Shanghai is the designated hospital of this healthcare fund, which is under the OCCFC's administration. Within the first year of its operation, the Fund has offered aid worth more than RMB 7 million to over 70 patients.

Patient Representatives share their touching stories about treatment at DeltaHealth Hospital
Patient Representatives share their touching stories about treatment at DeltaHealth Hospital

The Fund extends its charitable act throughout the country. Built on OCCFC's fair and transparent management as well as DeltaHealth Hospital's leading clinical capabilities and experts, the Fund has achieved remarkable results within a short span of one year. "We and the OCCFC share the same vision and goals for healthcare. Through our joint efforts, we hope to benefit more patients with cardiovascular diseases in China," said M.D. PhD., Desmond Thio, CEO of DeltaHealth.

The incidence and mortality rate of cardiovascular diseases have been rising in China. An estimated 290 million people, mostly from rural and economically underdeveloped areas, are believed to suffer from cardiovascular diseases. "Cardiovascular diseases, once they occur, are usually acute. It can be fatal if the patient cannot access timely treatment. We as doctors will be deeply heart-broken to see patients who cannot receive effective treatment just because of their financial conditions. I'm pleased to see that the Fund can contribute in this area and help us safeguard the very purpose and dignity of what being a doctor is - whose mission is to save patients," said Prof. Li Zhong Sun. A widely recognized academic leader in the field of cardiovascular surgery, Prof. Sun has personally performed most of the surgical operations that were underwritten by the Fund over the past year, many of which were highly challenging aorta surgeries.

"We have developed a highly efficient and easy-to-follow fund application procedure, which takes applicants only 1-2 weeks from application to approval. Treatment will be arranged as soon as the approval is given," said Mr. Jining He, OCCFC Vice President and Secretary-General. Diseases covered by the Fund include macrovascular diseases, congenital heart diseases, cardiac valvular diseases and coronary heart diseases, among others. The Fund is also highly open towards patients in need of help and is one of the most inclusive healthcare funds that cover one of the broadest ranges of diseases in China. It strives to provide the strongest possible support to impoverished patients, especially those who need special surgical treatment.

DeltaHealth Hospital Shanghai is a general hospital that specializes in cardiovascular care. It was designed and constructed in accordance with Joint Commission International (JCI) standards. As a clinical strategic partner of Columbia HeartSource, the hospital follows the "Heart Team" model that provides integrated care for patients through a multi-disciplinary approach that involves cardiology, cardiac surgery, imaging, interventional therapy, anesthesia, cardiopulmonary bypass and nursing. In addition to delivering quality care, the hospital's staff, encouraged and guided by the Fund, also provides their spare time to offer medical and care services to the public. Over the past year alone, nearly 600 people benefited from pro bono diagnostic and counselling services provided by DeltaHealth Hospital Shanghai in local communities.

DeltaHealth Hospital Shanghai

DeltaHealth Hospital Shanghai is affiliated with innovative healthcare provider DeltaHealth. Focused on cardiovascular care, the general hospital was designed and built in accordance with Joint Commission International (JCI) standards. Shanghai DeltaHealth Hospital's target is to cover the entire Yangtze River Delta. The 200-bed capacity during the first phase will enable the hospital to better serve patients and their families. Since its opening , DeltaHealth Hospital opens its general and cardiovascular outpatient services, while accepting appointment requests for cardiac surgeries such as CABG, cardiac valve repair, and certain aortic surgeries.

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Should you have any question or want to make an appointment, please call: 400-821-0277

For more information, please follow our WeChat account "DeltaHealth_CN" or visit our website:

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