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'Wepage', New 'Invitation-Only' SNS Now Available in English, Chinese and Spanish

2017-02-08 09:00
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-Family, Friends, and Acquaintances....Connect Only with People whom You Invite. It Makes Your SNS Life More Secure and Enjoyable

TOKYO, Feb. 8, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- iMobile Inc. is pleased to announce the release of the English, Chinese, and Spanish versions of 'Wepage', a new SNS from Japan.

Wepage -Share photos & videos
Wepage -Share photos & videos

'Wepage' is an invitation-only social networking service created by iMobile Inc., a company which specializes in producing and operating websites for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Since the Japanese version of 'Wepage' was launched on October 1, 2016, it has very quickly gained popularity as a "privacy controlled SNS", and within a month of the launch of its multilingualized Android version in December, users in over 50 countries have appreciated this new SNS.

As a distribution for iPhone has already started, iMobile Inc. is promoting 'Wepage' further to increase users. Introducing a member-only service to companies is also in its plan.

It has been a while since SNS became a part of people's daily life. However, more and more people feel tired of getting unnecessary information or updates from people they hardly know via SNSs. According to a research by Pew Research Center, 61% of Facebook users take a break when using it for several weeks or more ( ).

As a result, more people use either Snapchat, a short-lived messaging service, or the anonymous SNS Whisper, or other messaging apps.

The birth of 'Wepage' is no coincidence, as 'invitation-only' or anonymous SNSs were introduced and developed almost at the same time as Facebook in Japan.

Using know-how obtained by its long-standing IT service business, iMobile Inc. created a new private SNS for sharing a variety of information all at once.

Main Features
Except for the people you invite such as your family and close friends, no one can see your posts, so you can post your private content securely.
-Various content
You can create posts easily by combining various content such as texts, photos, videos, maps and links.
-React to posted content
You can express your feelings to the content posted by your friends and family by liking or commenting.
-Organize your posts
You can organize your posts into as many as 5 groups and create pages within groups (e.g. Family, Best friends, Kid's sports...)
-Search previous posts quickly and easily
The search function lets you find posts based on when, where, and who you were with. You can easily recall your previous posts.
-Don't need to have a smartphone
As long as you share the URL and a secret password, you can use 'Wepage' on your computer.

User reviews:
"You don't have to get the posts from your friend's friends like other SNSs. You can enjoy this more privately"
"I travel a lot. With Wepage, I can post photos alongside maps. I found this feature very convenient!"
"I share photos with my parents. Navigating Wepage is quite easy for people of all ages, which is very good."
"This format is suited to my secret diary updates!"
More information is available on

To download the app for free, please visit:
App Store URL
Google Play URL

About iMobile Inc.: Founded in 2000, in Tokyo, Japan, iMobile Inc. specializes in information providing services, including information system planning and operation management support. iMobile Inc. also develops and sells computer softwares.
Partners include Canon System & support Inc. and SoftBank Group Corp.
Kioicho Park Building 1st floor, 3-6 Kioicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Japan102-0094 

Hiroko Nishiyama
iMobile Inc.
Tel: +81-(0) 3-6743-7711(Japanese speaker) 
Kioicho Park Building 1st floor, 3-6 Kioicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Japan102-0094

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Source: iMobile Inc.

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