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Abilix's Presence at IFA Show Made Educational Robots Wow the World

2017-09-04 22:00

BERLIN, Sept. 4, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- On September 1 Berlin time, 2017 Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin opened at Berlin Exhibition Centre, Germany. Having existed for over 20 years, Abilix educational robots, together with its brick series Krypton, mobile series Oculus, modular series Boya, humanoid series Everest and flying series Iris, made an appearance at the show and was placed in the IFA NEXT exhibition area, which attracted great attention.

Abilix's showcase and displays
Abilix's showcase and displays

Displays and Experience Highlighted the Charm of AI Education

The unique design of the Abilix showcase, with a red pillar at the center, brought great visual impact to visitors and the media. The educational robots received a great welcome. As a global inventor of educational robots, Abilix adopted non-routine methods in product display and on-site experiences, which revealed the enormous value of the brand.

At the occasion of the product play, Abilix made "Future Band" and "Future Zoo" with its brick series Krypton and modular series Boya respectively. The Rock and Roll performance of the future band and the presence of dinosaurs, woodpeckers, bees and elephants all revealed the intelligence and flexibility of Abilix. The mobile series Oculus, as a "Future Partner", is both talented in singing and speaking. This allowed the show to be successful, creating excitement and enthusiasm for the industry and visitors. 

Abilix experience area became one of the most popular areas at the show. Visitors were amazed at the infinite imagination and creation space brought by the simple bricks and modules while building the brick series Krypton and modular series Boya.

The visitors were amazed
The visitors were amazed

Boya's Oversea Debut Led to Vivid Future

Abilix Boya was first issued in Europe at IFA, which demonstrated the resolution to develop the overseas market. As the first bionic modular educational robot in the world, Boya is featured by its dual functions of building and programming, catering to kids and adolescents aged from 3 to 18 to make all kinds of creative building and programming study.

Benefits from the innovative technologies like uniform power and non-power joints, fixable omni-directional ball and intelligent motors have allowed Boya to shorten the time of attachment. The operation becomes easier and the effect of different models becomes clear. Kids and adolescents are enabled to turn imagination into reality easily.

At IFA NEXT Innovative Engine, Mr. Ivan McGowan, Abilix VP of Sales, systematically explained educational robots' frontier technologies, the cultivation of analytic, creative and practical abilities and the development of the industry.

"Innovation" and "future" are two key words of 2017 IFA. IFA NEXT exhibition hall was to show frontier technology and creative innovation. With AI's unprecedented application in the educational field, educational robots represented a development direction of education in the future. Abilix's presence at IFA provided more kids with opportunity to feel the charm of AI and education. The Chinese AI brand amazed the world.

Abilix-Global Developer and Leader in Educational Robotics

Founded in 1996, Abilix is the first educational robotic brand in the world. During the 21 years since its founding, Abilix has obtained more than 600 patents, researched and developed more than 120 kinds of robots and written more than 50 series of curriculum (having 9 language editions).

For the time being, from more than 50 countries and regions in the world, over 40,000 primary and secondary schools and institutions, more than 1,200 school robotic laboratories and over 300 Abilix homes engage in teaching, contests and science and technologies activities based on the platform of Abilix. Meanwhile, the sale and service network, online stores and offline Abilix stores facing domestic users have been established globally.

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