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Beware of Telephone Scammers When Shopping at Rosegal

2017-04-05 21:30
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LOS ANGELES, Apr. 5, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Rosegal (, a leading e-commerce fashion site, is reporting a rash of telephone scammers who are trying to damage the reputation of the Asia-based company.

Using a phone number that is not associated with Rosegal, scammers pretending to represent the company have been contacting customers and requesting additional money for their purchases. In some cases, the scammers have also made lewd remarks to customers in an attempt to impugn Rosegal's integrity.

"We want shoppers to know that these illegal phone calls are in no way connected to Rosegal," said Lear Chuang, Rosegal's head of customer service. "We take pride in our customer relations and encourage shoppers to contact us with any questions or issues."

If a shopper suspects that a phone call might be fraudulent, Lear suggests that the customer take down the name of the caller, hang up and then contact Rosegal through e-mail or a live chat on the company's contact page ( In this way, there will be a record of your interaction.

Rosegal can also be contacted by phone at 888-320-8188.

Lear also cautions shoppers about revealing confidential information over the phone. "We never ask for bank details, passwords or verification codes during a phone call," she explained, "That type of information is submitted online to a secure server so it remains confidential and safe."

Some of the scammers have called shoppers and told them that an order is being canceled because it:

  • Is out of stock
  • Failed to clear customs
  • Failed a qualifications inspection

"These calls are fraudulent and we want customers to contact us immediately," Lear said.

Rosegal has posted anti-fraud messages on its website and is encouraging customers to examine all e-mails carefully. The e-commerce system prompts an e-mail when a legitimate order is processed.

Subscribers to the Rosegal newsletter should also make sure the sending address is and add this to their contact directory.

"This is a very unfortunate situation but we are doing our best to protect customers from this type of fraudulent activity." added Lear.

Sammydress and ZAFUL, Rosegal's sister sites, have also been victimized by scammers. Customers are advised to be alert to the possibility of telephone and e-mail fraud.

About Rosegal
Rosegal ( offers low prices on vintage style fashion clothing as well as swimwear, plus-size apparel, dresses and more. A large part of its business comes from North American customers who are looking for value and quality.

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