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Chile in Food Taipei: Safe and reliable products from the end of the world

2014-06-25 09:00
--- This South American country aims to continue positioning its food and drinks in the international markets, highlighting the geographical features of the land that allow the production of high quality products.

TAIPEI, June 25, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Chilean food products are known for their quality and flavor and they will be present in force at the 2014 Taipei Food Fair, to be held between the 25th and 28th of June. Chile is world renowned as an exporter of healthy products and as a reliable supplier; qualities that will be apparent at this important food fair in Taiwan.

Wines, seafood, olive oil, pisco and agro-industrial products will be featured at Chile's booth in the 2014 Taipei Food Fair (N0713) in the Nankang Exhibition Center in Taipei. Local visitors, whether importers or final consumers, will be able to learn more about Chile and its food.

Chile is a geographically isolated country. Located in South America, Chile is surrounded by the world's driest desert to the north, the Pacific Ocean to the west, the Andes mountains to the east and the Patagonian glaciers to the south. It is a virtual island from a health and agricultural point of view, with much reduced incidences of pests and diseases. To these geographical features, we add: an agro-industrial sector with modern infrastructure and export logistics, use of technology for production and processing of the different products, compliance with stringent international standards and certifications, and an extensive network of free trade agreements with 61 countries. Chile is a country that has globally positioned itself as a safe and reliable supplier of healthy, high-quality food.

The quality of the food supply produced in Chile has achieved remarkable recognition, according to the latest 2013 Global Food Security Index developed by The Economist Intelligence Unit, which ranked the country as a leader in Latin America.

"This fair allows Chilean products to continue to position themselves, both among importers and final consumers. We want to continue to strengthen the image of Chile as a producer and exporter of food and beverage at the global level", says Rose Marie Bedecarratz, Director of the Chilean Trade Office in Taipei.

The commissioner added that Chile has much to offer Taiwan in terms of high-quality and reliable food products. "It's a market that shows great interest in learning about new products, especially healthy products, and that is precisely where our food products have much to contribute."

Rose Marie Bedecarratz, Director of the Chilean Trade Office in Taipei, indicates that Taiwan imports high volumes of fresh fruit and vegetables, in addition to having a high per capita consumption of seafood -- fish, crustaceans and shellfish. "We are able to supply at a time of the year when the production of the main local and foreign providers to Taiwan have a limited offer. This off-seasonal characteristic provides a great advantage that we must seize."

Part of these and other new products will be present through importers at the Chilean stand at Food Taipei. Prominent among these products are olive oil, a Chilean product that has been internationally recognized for its value and health benefits, pisco and juices, especially for those consumers seeking new gastronomic experiences.

This year, the novelty will be the presentation of the Baby pears, a unique fruit that is grown by hand in the north of Chile. They are sweet, with a soft interior, smooth texture, and exquisite flavor and aroma. This fruit arrived in Chile in 1600, but disappeared in the 1700s due to a big freeze. Later, a few wild plants were found in the north, which is where they are carefully cultivated today.

Latin American Promotion

Along with Colombia, Mexico and Peru, Chile is part of the Pacific Alliance economic bloc that will attend Food Taipei for a joint promotion of the cuisine of the four member countries.

On June 26 is the inauguration of the Pacific Alliance pavilion: an opening that will include representatives from the four countries. After the ribbon cutting, they will offer Chilean wine and cocktails and samplings from the member countries.

Source: ProChile

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