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2017-05-15 22:00

BEIJING, May 15, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- The Customer Service team at presents their recommended best practices for buyers who are importing goods through digital platforms, in order to promote a positive buying experience. Marketplace platforms can be confusing, below are the steps they recommend that a buyer take before making a purchase.


Before making a cross-border purchase it is necessary to make sure you are choosing a reputable seller. This can be done by reviewing the seller's feedback from previous buyers. When sellers have a positive average review score from past customers, it means the services they have provided in the past have been well received. The opposite can be said for negative reviews.

The more orders a seller has successfully completed with positive buyer feedback, the better the probability that the seller will provide you with good products and services.  Stay away from sellers with negative reviews. Be careful ordering from sellers who don't have an extensive transaction history.

2. CHECK THE RANK OF THE SELLER ranks sellers in three categories, in descending order they are: Top Merchant, Premium Merchant, and Standard Merchant. If a seller does not have a rank, then they have not yet qualified to become a Top, Premium, or Standard Merchant.

Top and Premium Merchants have established themselves as credible by completing many transactions that have received positive reviews. Therefore these sellers are more likely to provide higher quality products and service. provides a search feature that lets buyers search for good sellers. Just check the "Customer Review" box when searching for products.

3. REVIEW ITEM DESCRIPTION recommends that all buyers review the "Item Description" area to confirm the product details. This section includes:

  • Item specifics- Provide the condition, quantity per order, sizes, and other information specific to the product;
  • Returns and refund guarantee details- Details the rules specific to the seller;
  • Description- Provides the product description, the item code, the actual product name, the weight and remaining details.


To promote clear understanding, recommends that buyers always confirm the cost to ship the product, and the time it will take for the products to arrive.

  • Shipping Cost- Will provide the estimated delivery time and different costs depending order sizes.
  • Shipping Time and Cost- Allows you to select the exact shipping services you want, and to confirm prices, and estimated delivery times.


Before making a purchase, recommends that all buyers fully understand the customer service procedures, and how disputes are resolved. That information can be found from the following links:

1. Return and Refund Policy 

2. Mediation

3. After Sales Services


If buyers want more detailed information about an item, or if they want a definite guarantee about any order details, strongly recommends that buyers contact the seller directly. If you are using, a record of all conversations is kept by the dispute resolution team.


Please contact customer service and they will help. Available 24/7.


DHgate is the biggest B2B transactional cross-border e-commerce marketplace in China, offering integrated services for international logistics, cross-border payments, internet financing, and online marketing. DHgate's 1.4 million sellers offer 40 million products and serve 10 million buyers from 230 countries and regions. Import now

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