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GEOMC Co., LTD. States on Recovering the Inventory of the Scrambler Therapy Device

2014-05-28 21:54

SEOUL, South Korea, May 28, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- GEOMC Co., LTD. announced today that it will take a due procedure in taking possession of the inventory of the Scrambler Therapy Device held by Competitive Technologies, Inc. ("CTTC" or "CTI"). The majority of the inventory has been secured under the UCC filing by the secured party of GEOMC. The entire inventory also needs to be factory-inspected or updated for safety and performance guarantee, as it has exceeded a normal storage period. If any units are found missing from the number of the inventory units secured under the UCC filing, CTI will be responsible for all legal consequences.

About GEOMC Co., LTD

GEOMC Co., LTD is the exclusive licensed manufacturer of the patent-protected Scrambler Therapy technology for the worldwide supply. GEOMC is also the world leader in neuroscience technology of light and sound mind machine with 35 years of business history.

Source: GEOMC Co., LTD.

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