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GE Appliances develops an ultra-fast pizza oven: 2 minute rapid bake

2017-07-11 20:20

QINGDAO, China, July 11, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- At GE Appliances' FirstBuild microfactory, a pizza oven, with cooking speeds many times faster than traditional home pizza ovens, has the power to cook a traditional Neapolitan-style pizza in just 2 minutes! The Monogram Pizza Oven has quickly gained the favor of its users with its high efficiency and ease of operation, while not needing ventilation and only requiring an electric power source.

GE Appliances develops an ultra-fast pizza oven: 2 minute rapid bake
GE Appliances develops an ultra-fast pizza oven: 2 minute rapid bake

The pizza oven has been in development at FirstBuild, a subsidiary of GE Appliances, where innovation is at the forefront and ideas can become products in as few as 6 months. At FirstBuild, the users, developers, engineers, and community members can interact with each other directly and innovatively to improve the respective product and fulfill customers' needs.

During the research and development phase of the oven project, the team found that there was a huge opportunity to fill a need in the home professional pizza oven market. Many consumers strongly expressed their desire to make delicious pizza in the comfort of their own kitchens. That's where the Monogram Pizza Oven came in. However, the question remained, could an electric pizza oven produce the same quality that a wood-fired artisan pizza oven can? In order to draw direct performance comparisons, the engineers built what they referred to as a "digital pizza".

The "digital pizza" is a collection of sensors which gather and analyze oven data by means of the heat transfer inside an oven. "After connecting it to the computer's Adafruit data recorder, we inject a precise amount of water into each sensor, and then measure the temperature and the rate of water evaporation to compare pizza ovens with different styles," Emily, from FirstBuild, said.

Despite coming in at just under $10,000, the price has not hindered pizza lovers who want restaurant-quality pizza and ease of use all in one elegant package. In fact, since the oven requires minimal installation, its ultimate price tag likely pales in comparison to the total cost of a coal-fired or wood-fired home pizza oven, after installation.

Currently, the Monogram Pizza Oven is only being sold in the United States and the number of units sold continues to rise as more and more people have a chance to try to amazing quality that the oven is able to produce.

This "cheetah" in the world of pizza ovens has shown GE Appliances and Haier's commitment to innovation, quality, and the user experience. It's safe to expect even more revolutionary products as these appliance giants continue to embrace the open innovation approach to product development.

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