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GTC China 2017 - Inspur Showcased the Most Comprehensive AI Computing Solution Based on GPU

2017-09-29 00:00

SAN JOSE, Calif., Sept. 29, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- At GTC China 2017, held in Beijing on Sept. 25-27, Inspur showcased its full line of advanced NVIDIA GPU-based AI computing products and solutions. Inspur became the first manufacturer to deliver AI supercomputers NF5288M5 (AGX-2) based on NVIDIA® Tesla® V100 to Chinese AI customers.

The NF5288M5 (AGX-2) server showcased on this event is the first high-density and high-performance supercomputing server in the industry that supports Tesla®V100 and NVLink™ 2.0. The server integrates 8 most advanced GPUs at present with the High-speed Interconnected technology within a space of 2U and has good I/O scalability, especially developed for AI computing and application service providers demanding higher computing density in the same physical space. Currently, the AGX-2 server based on Tesla®V100 has undergone several AI model training tests on the platforms of China's tech giants Tencent, Alibaba and Baidu.

In addition to joint innovation at the product level, Inspur is working together with NVIDIA also in continuously perfecting the GPU ecosystem. With the foundation of the Inspur-NVIDIA Cloud Supercomputing & Application Innovation Center, Inspur and NVIDIA are cooperating in promotion of GPU-related technologies in the AI field for creating its new values and industry-scale reconstruction. In Caffe-MPI 2.0, the latest cluster edition of open-source deep learning framework issued by Inspur, the updated editions of cuDNN and NCCL are adopted. When the Resnet model is applied to the 16-card clusters, the training performance achieved a 15 times higher acceleration ratio to that of the single-card training.

Inspur considers talent cultivation as a key aspect of AI ecosystem development and cooperates with NVIDIA in nurturing AI computing talents, jointly establishing the ICCE GPU Engineer Certification Training Program which has become the first and the largest specialized training program for GPU applications. The training program covers theoretical explanations on the latest GPU structure, CUDA programming & optimization and study of industrial cases, integrates theoretical knowledge with practical applications and has won high reputations among the trainees since its establishment. So far, ICCE certification trainings have been successfully held for several years and produced nearly 1,000 certified trainees.

At the moment, Inspur has more than 60% market share in China's domestic AI computing product market and is the primary AI server supplier of Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent and other major technology companies. Inspur is also deeply cooperating with iFlytek, Qihoo 360, Sogou, Toutiao and Face++ in their AI systems and applications improvement to provide better user experience for the customers in the fields of speech, image, video, searching and networking, etc.

In order to tackle with a rapid growth in the AI application demands, Inspur has established a "4S" end-to-end solution capability in AI computing applications - Server, System, Solution and Service. This will further empowers the company to provide advanced products and technologies in the AI computing industry and help its customers to realize a strong progress in AI computing transformation.

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Inspur is the leader in intelligent computing and ranked top five in worldwide server manufacturing.  We provide cutting-edge hardware design and deliver extensive AI product solutions. Inspur provides customers with purpose-built servers and AI solutions that are Tier 1 in quality and energy efficiency. Inspur's products are optimized for applications and workloads built for data center environments. To learn more,

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Source: Inspur Electronic Information Industry Co., Ltd

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