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Historical Painting "Xi Zhongxun in Nanliang" Draws Great Attention in Beijing

2017-07-17 15:31
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BEIJING, July 17, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Recently, the Guangdong Art Centennial Exhibition was held at the National Art Museum of China in Beijing. A history-themed painting Xi Zhongxun in Nanliang drew the attention of numerous viewers. The event was organized by Guangdong Provincial Publicity Department, Department of Culture Guangdong Province and Guangdong Federation of Literature and Art Circles.

The painting vividly depicts how Xi Zhongxun, then chairman of the Soviet Government in Shaanxi-Gansu Border Revolutionary Base Area, was launching new governing policies for the area. The picture reminds Chinese people of Xi's inaugural promise - "I, together with my colleagues, will spare no effort to ensure that all the people have work, enough food and lead a fulfilled life."

Shen Haixiong, Member of the Standing Committee of CPC Guangdong Provincial Committee and Guangdong Provincial Publicity Chief said Nanliang had made great contribution to the victory of Chinese revolution. Nanliang government's governing concepts are people-oriented, faith keeping, paying attention to the interests of the whole, pragmatic and innovative.

Xi Zhongxun later led Guangdong in the promotion of reform and opening-up and in the construction of special economic zones in the province. Guangdong's innovation and development in the past decades could not be possible without the great man, added Shen.

Shen said the piece of art linked together Nanliang and Guangdong by interpreting the source of CPC's faith and strength.

Chen Yan, painter of this artwork said the painting was created in celebration of the CPC's 90th anniversary and that he felt greatly honored that it was on display at the Guangdong Art Centennial Exhibition.

Chen was born and raised in a peasant family in northern Shaanxi, whose parents were both veterans with Xi Zhongxun as their political commissar. His experiences in Shaanxi's Yan'an area have profound impact on his creation, and he also has special passion for producing revolution-themed paintings. The painting was his respect for and a review of the historic achievements of the older generation.

Supported by the leadership of the Party and the masses, communists represented by Liu Zhidan and Xi Zhongxun established the Shaanxi-Gansu Border Revolutionary Base Area centering on the Nanliang area in the 1930s. The first Border Area Soviet Government in northwest China was subsequently founded.

Before creating this painting, Chen looked up various relevant documents and read through the book Xi Zhongxun in Shaanxi-Gansu Border Revolutionary Base Area where he gained inspiration. In the painting, Xi Zhongxun is surrounded by Red Army soldiers, workers, peasants and the masses and trimmed with ear of wheat and red flag.

"Nanliang Spirit" Embodied by the Painting

Chen said all the characters in the painting are derived from real life. "That a student of Lenin Elementary School is shown in the painting was an inspiration from my school life in Yan'an," he said.

Keeping in touch with life and folks and putting a sense of belonging into his production has always been Chen's creation concept. Now Chen, 70 year-old though, still has great passion for creation. His rich experiences have constantly inspired and enabled him to accomplish painting creation with ease. He said he has been influenced by the "Nanliang Spirit" and hopes more people can gain strength from the painting.

Using Chinese Painting to Depict Grand Scene

"A large oil painting of the West usually presents grand occasion, its setting and figures vividly reflecting those of the event. In the case of Xi Zhongxun in Nanliang, the painting employed the features, which is a great inspiration for me," Chen remarked.

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Source: Guangdong Provincial Publicity Department

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