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Honda Launches "Love Cub Snap" Photo Project to Bring Super Cub Lovers Worldwide Together

2017-05-26 13:00
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TOKYO, May 26, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Honda Motor Co., Ltd. ( launched on Friday, May 26, its "Love Cub Snap" website, a project dedicated to bringing together Super Cub lovers from every region and all ages through photographs.

Love Cub Snap website:

By customers uploading photographs of themselves with their Super Cubs to the website, Super Cub fans from all over the world will appear linked to other fans by their Super Cubs' wheels. The photographs will be shown as a gallery on the website.

Since Honda released the "Super Cub C100" in 1958 in Japan, the Super Cub has been loved worldwide as a useful motorbike for everyday life. Honda projects that during 2017, the accumulated production and sales of the Super Cub series will reach 100 million units. The "Love Cub Snap" photo project aims to bring together customers from around the world.


About the Love Cub Snap Photo Project
Commencement: Friday, May 26, 2017
System requirements: Visit the Love Cub Snap site for details on PC / smartphone system requirements. Additional apps are not required.
Languages: Japanese, English (with other languages to follow)

How to participate:
1. Photograph yourself, or someone with their permission, with a Super Cub.
2. Import the photo into your PC or smartphone.
3. Visit the Love Cub Snap website, and follow the instructions to upload your photograph.

Uploading your photograph
Step 1
Prepare the photograph of you (or a friend) with a Super Cub. First, click on the "JOIN!" button, agree to the usage terms, and select your photograph to upload.


Step 2
Make sure the Super Cub is pointed to the right. When taking the photograph, make sure the Super Cub is exactly parallel to your camera.


Step 3
Adjust its size and angle, and align the Super Cub's wheels precisely to the onscreen guides.


Step 4
Once aligned, upload your photograph. Wait a while, and your photo will be added to the snap gallery. Enjoy!


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Source: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

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