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Hujiang EdTech Attends 2017 Harvard China Education Symposium Introduce Innovative Online Teaching Index

2017-05-12 21:00
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CAMBRIDGE, Mass., May 12, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- China's leading online education company, Hujiang EdTech ("Hujiang" or "the Company"), participated in the 2017 China Education Symposium EdTech Panel at Harvard University, in Cambridge, USA. Dr. Jian Lu, Partner of Hujiang EdTech, and President of CCtalk, participated in the panel; he spoke on the evolutionary use of AI and introduced CCtalk, the Company's cutting edge online learning and teaching platform. His innovative ideas inspired wide-ranging discussions among the large audience of industry professionals and academics in attendance.

Dr. Jian Lu Giving Speech on the EdTech Panel
Dr. Jian Lu Giving Speech on the EdTech Panel

Unlike traditional one-way video learning, CCtalk is more interactive. "CCtalk is a teaching platform that specifically serves teachers," Dr. Lu introduced. "Users range from independent freelance teachers, to groups of teaching professionals, to organizations. This largely diminishes the threshold to teach and to learn."

CCtalk enables and encourages simultaneous interaction through two-way digital whiteboard and video functions between teachers and students, so classes are real-time, spontaneous and active. Its technology allows teachers to instruct online with more freedom and to teach creatively. "From short lectures like art appreciation classes to series classes for professional certificates, teachers have used these tools and developed more classes than you can imagine," said Dr. Lu.

Meanwhile, by integrating AI and big data, CCtalk also introduces the iTeaching index, which will be applied to help further enhance its teaching platform. The index will be used to measure the capability and efficiency of each teacher based on criteria including teaching efficiency, interaction, tools, and more. Dr. Lu commented the new measurement as "a combination of AI, big data and education."

CCtalk now hosts over 30,000 independent teachers who use the platform to provide thousands of courses. Without specifically targeting users outside its home country yet, CCtalk has drawn a large number of users not only from within China, but from other countries as its platform is global and allows teachers to reach more students. Riley Carson, a teacher from Orlando Florida, has over 200,000 followers on CCtalk. He said that it has helped a lot of Chinese students to find him via the platform.

About the China Education Symposium

The aim of the China Education Symposium, a student organization run by Harvard University, is to increase the understanding and awareness of China's education issues among the Harvard community and the greater Boston Chinese community through information sharing and discussions, and to search for feasible approaches to improve China's education system.

About Hujiang EdTech

Founded in 2001, Hujiang EdTech stands out from the booms and busts of the tech scene in China by offering solid answers to two questions: How can technology change the education industry? What is an educational technology platform, really? Started as an online BBS community offering online courses and now China's leading online education company, Hujiang EdTech strives to make high-quality education more accessible and enjoyable through mobile learning applications, online courses, and its interactive online teaching platform. Serving over 140 million users (including 110 million mobile users) in China, Hujiang EdTech offers a wide range of online educational programs, including international & domestic examination preparation, foreign language learning, professional skills training, and more.

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