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Innovative Urology Surgery Method Incorporating PRF, Developed by Three Korean Medical Doctors

2017-06-19 22:02

SEOUL, South Korea, June 19, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Proud Urology Clinic, a urology specializing clinic in Korea, announced the '5S PRF complex surgery,' developed by incorporating PRF (second generation self-blood growth factor extraction method) for the first time in the world at a presentation where approximately 1,500 medical specialists and press corps participated.

Proud Urology Clinic is the first urology clinic to have obtained certification for use of PRF-DUO from SYFAC Congress in 2017 in the urology surgery sector. Because protein is continuously discharged for 7~10 days while a wound heals when using PRF, there is significant effect in assisting in fast recovery while preventing infections and swelling. Because extractions are made from the blood of the patients, this method shows outstanding stability.

Urologists from Proud Urology Clinic of Korea Giving Presentation on 5S PRF Surgery
Urologists from Proud Urology Clinic of Korea Giving Presentation on 5S PRF Surgery

The '5S PRF complex surgery' is a urology surgery method developed based on the safety of PRF, which has been developed by Doctors Jin-mo Koo, Ji-yong Lee, and In-seong Hwang of Proud Urology Clinic, in cooperation with gynecology specialists and a female advisory committee composed of 100 women in their 20s to 60s.  As a result, based on the '5S PRF complex surgery couple satisfaction survey (2017)' conducted by the Proud Urology Clinic Research Center, 98% among the 100 couples that took the survey responded that their satisfaction level hugely improved after the surgery, compared to before the surgery. One couple that participated in the survey said, "The long-time stress and suffering coming from couple relationships were resolved through the surgery."

"5S PRF complex surgery allows for customized body dermis surgery depending on the body of men," said Doctor Ji-yong Lee of Proud Urology Clinic. "A complex surgery can be conducted at once within a short period of time of 50 minutes, which will become a simple surgery with sure effects."

Proud Urology Clinic of Korea is attracting attention from around the world by developing an innovative urology surgery method.

Proud Urology Clinic


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