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KYOCERA ELCO Develops Ultra-Low Profile 5803 Series 0.4mm-Pitch Board-to-Board Connector

2010-09-10 07:54
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Achieving industry's lowest-class stacking height (0.5mm), and smallest depth (2.4mm)

YOKOHAMA, Japan, Sept. 10 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- Kyocera Elco Corporation (Headquarters: Yokohama, Japan; President: Yoji Date) announced today that it has developed the 5803 Series 0.4mm-Pitch Board-to-Board Connector, which achieves the industry's lowest-class stacking height at 0.5mm, and the smallest depth* at 2.4mm. Samples of the new product will be available starting September 9, 2010.

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While further miniaturization and multifunctionality have continually been required in consumer electronic equipment such as cell phones, smartphones, digital still cameras(DSC), digital video cameras (DVC), digital audio players and game consoles; in recent years, the number of components incorporated into such equipment has also increased.

Under these conditions, miniaturization of components is also demanded to make effective use of the limited space on boards.

The newly developed 5803 Series has achieved the smallest-class profile in the industry, with a distance between boards of only 0.5mm when the plug and receptacle connectors are mated, and at 2.4mm, has the smallest depth in the industry. These properties allow for further space-saving on boards, as well as its low profile contributes to slim design capabilities.

The 5803 Series increases freedom in designing pattern layouts on the board, because with no contact exposed on the connector bottom with the insulator housing, the circuit insulation between the connector and a board is assured. Furthermore, reliable contact performance is realized with Kyocera Elco's original contact structure which removes foreign matter such as splashes of solder flux in the soldering process and particles inboard splitting.

Kyocera Elco Corporation is contributing to the further miniaturization of consumer electronic equipment with the launch of the new 5803 Series.

* Based on research by Kyocera Elco Corporation; as of September, 2010.

Product Outline

Product Name: 5803 Series 0.4mm-Pitch Board-to-Board Connector


    No. of Positions         10 to 60

    Stacking Height          0.5mm

    Contact Pitch            0.4mm

    Rated Current            DC 0.3A

    Rated Voltage            DC 50V

    D. W. Voltage            AC 250Vrms/min

    Contact Material         Copper alloy

    Insulator Material       Heat-resistant plastic


1. Ultra-low profile board-to-board connector contributes to optimal space saving
Ultra-low profile and space-saving board-to-board connector with 0.4mm-pitch, 0.5mm stacking height, and 2.4mm depth.

2. Good operability
Mating is perceivable with a secure "click-feeling" with structural protrusion on contacts of both plug and receptacle connectors.

3. Dual-contacting structure improves mating reliability
A pinching type, that is highly resistant to impact and drop shock, is adopted for the dual-contacting structure. Due to the touch of the contact tip on the inner wall of the insulator housing, mating wobble is restrained and the mating stability improves accordingly.

4. Proprietary contact structure improves contact reliability
Reliable contacting is realized with the wiping effect; removing foreign matter such as splashes of flux, particles of boards splitting through increased concentrated load.

5. Increased freedom in pattern layout on boards
No contact exposed on the bottom of both the plug and receptacle connectors enables pattern layout all over a board, thus increasing freedom in pattern layout on boards.

6. Structurally prevents solder-wicking
The insert-molding process prevents the solder wicking on plug connectors, and the nickel barrier on contacts prevents the solder wicking on receptacle connectors.

7. 3,000 connectors contained in reel of embossed tape for automatic mounting machines.

8. RoHS-compliant

Source: Kyocera

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