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LOGbinder's Supercharger for Windows Event Collection unleashes the power and simplicity of Windows Event Collection

2017-03-23 12:50
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MONTEREY, Calif., Mar. 23, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- LOGbinder, the software division of Monterey Technology Group, Inc., announced the release of Supercharger -- a brand-new and one-of-a-kind solution for quickly implementing and managing the native event forwarding functionality already built-in to an organization's Windows servers and workstations. Supercharger for Windows Event Collection manages all event collectors from a single pane of glass providing instant visibility into the health of the environment from the domain level down to each individual forwarder.

"With today's endpoint-focused attack methods, it's never been more important to get security logs from every single computer on your network," noted Randy Franklin Smith, creator of Supercharger. "Very, very few organizations currently monitor the Windows Security Log on every server, desktop and laptop on their network and it's easy to understand why when you consider the facts."

Randy Smith continued:

  • Security logs are huge -- Multiply "huge" by the number of endpoints and you get "extremely huge"
  • Many SIEM (e.g. ArcSight) and log management solutions (e.g. Splunk) charge based on the volume of logs consumed
  • Remote log collection is prohibitively inefficient, and ironically, opens security issues
  • Agents = Resistance. Admins don't want agents on their systems. Agents use resources, must be monitored, cared for, and updated.

Benefits of Supercharger

Supercharger automatically determines which computers should be forwarding events to each subscription in your global network of collectors. Supercharger takes into account each computer's status in Active Directory to weed out dormant computers and unutilized computer accounts. This gives you an accurate picture of which computers should be sending events, and which ones really are. The benefits include:

  • Implement native Windows Event Collection fast and easily
  • Monitor more endpoints while reducing load on your SIEM
  • Efficiently collect every event log on your network without the noise, agents, and polling
  • Manage very large WEC environments - 100,000+ endpoints, multiple domains
  • Instant visibility
  • Understand: who's sending events and who isn't, and why?
  • Determine: where are the problems?
  • Evaluate: what is the performance?
  • Detect new programs as soon as they execute anywhere on your network
  • Reduce licensing costs for volume based log management technologies
  • Catch intrusions earlier in the attack
  • Meet compliance requirements
  • Improve endpoint security

About LOGbinder

LOGbinder, a division of Monterey Technology Group, Inc., makes unique middle-ware solutions that bridge critical gaps between SIEM products and the technologies they monitor. To learn more, visit

About Monterey Technology Group, Inc

Formed in 1997 by CEO Randy Franklin Smith, Monterey Technology Group, Inc. serves the Infosec, IT Audit and Software Development communities with specialized services and solutions relating to Microsoft product security.

Monterey Technology Group, Inc. leverages its significant intellectual property holdings through alliances in the Microsoft partner community to build better solutions for risk mitigation, compliance reporting, log management and IT audit processes.

Monterey Technology Group, Inc. is a South Carolina corporation currently based in Monterey Bay, California.

Monterey Technology Group, Inc. owns and operates these additional divisions: LOGbinder software,

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Source: Monterey Technology Group, Inc

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