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Lovoom launched Smart Home Device for pet in Kickstarter

2017-09-27 21:00
-New Kibble Launcher: Customers can throw pet kibbles and play with the animal apart - It will be launched in Oct 17th.

SEOUL, South Korea, Sept. 27, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Lovoom, a Pet ioT brand, mentioned that they will launch new Kibble Launcher equipped with pet camera to see, throw kibbles for pets and play together from a long distance. Kickstarter is a crowd funding website. The product will be launched on Oct. 17th.

Lovoom T series
Lovoom T series

'Lovoom T10' and 'Lovoom T20' are newly released products and are designed to throw pet kibbles at 60 degrees smoothly to fall in target position. Customers can adjust and rotate (+90/-90) the body function on the right and left side and control strength to throw kibbles for pets; they can check on everything on camera and throw kibbles in any direction.

Also, it can be connected to personal smart phone through Wireless connection or Bluetooth to adjust and control and users control without access easily by using a provided IR Remote Controller. Especially, anyone who is not familiar with smart phone or hard to connect Wireless connection /Bluetooth can use this IR Remote Controller - it's very easy to use with a simple button. Users have their pictures and video taken through application and can share them immediately with others in SNS.

Moreover, it's equipped with 2 Ways Audio Function for two-way communication so that users can talk with their pet.

Lovoom staff said that "single-person household has increased especially in advanced countries and people's affection to their pets seems to be higher than ever. We've invented the Lovoom T series for the pets home alone." and "this device will help users watch their pets, throw kibbles for pet and play together even if they are far away from home, like in their workplace."

Meanwhile, Lovoom will hold the campaign in Kickstarter on Oct 17th, 2017 and offer various gifts and rewards to celebrate their launch.

About Lovoom

Lovoom is a Kibble Launcher equipped with smart pet camera that allows customers to constantly check on your pet. You can throw kibbles, talk and even play with your pet together at home or from a distance by using a smartphone.


Give your pet the best care possible at home or from anywhere else at all times.

Lovoom allows you to interact with your pet through its 2-way audio system. Your pet will not feel lonely while you are out, and you can even improve his or her physical fitness through easy games and constant communication.

2600 Michelson Dr.,Suite 1700, Irvine, CA 92612
(Toll Free) (855) 336 . 5151
(Local) (949) 417 . 3309 Eric, Hong (Marketing Director )

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