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Move Free holds Super Brand Day event on

2017-02-24 10:25
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-- Move Free launches Energy Max campaign to help boost sales

SHANGHAI, Feb. 24, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Leading Chinese e-commerce platform launched the Super Brand Day program, a partnership with individual brands, in 2016, with the aim of giving back to consumers and providing them with improved services and quality products. On February 21, 2017, Move Free, a leading global joint care product brand of Schiff, held the Move Free Super Brand Day event on For one entire day, Move Free provided consumers with exceptional offers, helping the brand achieve a record online single-day gross merchandise volume (GMV) as well as more sales in one day than what is normally brought in on average for an entire month.

With a focus on healthy joints, the Move Free Super Brand Day promotion launched on was a worldwide event. Whether you happened to be in or around the Bund in Shanghai or passing through New York's Times Square, in a subway or on a bus, you could not have failed to notice the brand's Energy Max campaign. Billboards along the length of Huaihai Road and on landmark buildings throughout Shanghai, as well as in shopping malls and supermarkets across the U.S., simultaneously showcased the Energy Max campaign for the Move Free Super Brand Day event on, heightening awareness of the product for joint pain sufferers all over the world.

The event was widely covered by mainstream media and extensively discussed on social media. Move Free provided information on joint health directly to the targeted consumers through the event, gaining wider attention while increasing the sales conversion rate.

With the aim of informing all on the importance of healthy joints, Move Free invited Zhang Xinyu and Liang Hong, a couple devoted to extreme adventures, to the joint health event. The couple will complete their five-continent aerial voyage this year, a first time endeavor by a Chinese group and the first time that a Chinese aircraft has flown over the South Pole. The documentary Energy Max jointly produced by Move Free and the couple allowed audiences feel as if they were in the airplane seat at 30,000 feet when flying over the US, unlocking their enthusiasm to travel and bringing them both physical and spiritual freedom. In addition, Move Free and Tmall traveled to the South Pole for the first time, creating the climax for the event and spreading a message focused on the importance of health to every corner of the globe.

Wang Guangcheng, choreographer of the highly popular song Little Apple, created the open-air joint dance "Jointless Dance", triggering a wave of awareness about the importance of protecting one's joints. The magical video was displayed on the billboards overlooking Huaihai Road and quickly and repeatedly reposted and shared by celebrities on Weibo and WeChat. On the night of Super Brand Day, a mysterious flashmob event took place, featuring the Jointless Dance, while, in conjunction with the event, free information sessions were held in downtown Shanghai, guiding passers-by on how to alleviate the stress created by heavy workloads. The audience received tips on how to keep their joints supple and in shape through mental and physical relaxation.

Given China's slower economic growth, Move Free has decided to partner with the Super Brand Day program as a strategy to get the message out about what each person can do to protect their joints. The move is part of a plan to launch more frequent brand promotion campaigns and expand the user base, with the ultimate goal of increasing sales.

About Move Free

Schiff's Move Free is a US-based international joint care supplement. Since 1936, the brand has been committed to supporting overall joint health. With glucosamine, Move Free is effective for rebuilding damaged cartilage and stimulating the growth of new cartilage.

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