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Novagen Assembles Patent Team for AmerYcan(TM) Engine

2017-07-17 20:00
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ORO VALLEY, Ariz., July 17, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Novagen Ingenium Inc. (OTC-Markets: NOVZ) today announced the assembly of the AmerYcan™ engine patent team which is headed up by previous Chairman, Dr. Jon Leonard PhD, currently CEO of listed company, Tautachrome, Inc. (OTC-Markets: TTCM).

AmerYcan Engines
AmerYcan Engines

Novagen's Opposing Piston Divaricate Cylinder Y engine (now branded as the AmerYcan™ Engine) which is under patent application has been further developed and secondary patent applications are now on foot with the company's patent attorneys. Ongoing development with crankshaft and connecting rod componentry, firing order timing and auxiliary operating components created a position whereby the company is filing patent applications for unique invention claims.          

Dr. Leonard, Micheal Nugent and Patrick Greene now form the patent team. Dr. Leonard identified the need to assemble the patent team from Novagen's technical staff while he was acting chairman.

Under an agreement between Novagen and Tautachrome entered into on September 18, 2015, Novagen gained all of the transport assets and interests belonging to Tautachrome in exchange for an approximately 4% interest in Novagen. "I believe the AmerYcan™ Engine is a major breakthrough in internal combustion engine design that will add a significant piece to the revitalization of US industrial manufacturing leadership," Dr. Leonard said. "The AmerYcan™ Engine offers valuable improvements in operating efficiency and manufacturability and scales seamlessly in size and power."

"I want to gain the strongest possible worldwide patent protection for the AmerYcan™ Engine to maximize the return to Tautachrome of our 4% interest in Novagen," Tautachrome's CEO Leonard explained.

Dr. Leonard has held appointments of Chief Scientist, Hughes Aircraft Strategic Systems Division, and director of counterterrorism technology for the Raytheon Missile Company.

Micheal Nugent, as principal inventor, completed his discipline with Cummins Diesel and has worked with some of the most successful engineering companies in the world.   

Patrick Greene, as a qualified mechanic has been working with Novagen since inception and was part of the Y engine development think tank pre-patent.   

The AmerYcan™ Engine as a multi-bank engine proposes new efficiencies derived from the latest geometric configuration with 9 cylinders producing 18 power pulses per cycle.

Novagen Precision Engineering has been machining prototype components for a number of years and is now manufacturing components for a set of diesel and gasoline test engine models.      

"I am of the view that our engine project is a commercial fit with the Make America Great Again thinking in the USA" said Micheal Nugent, CEO. "Bringing established products back to America only goes so far. Manufacturing new products is the key to rebuilding industry, and the AmerYcan™ engine can be a giant step upwards in this rebuilding."

"Assembling the patent team under the direction of Dr Leonard is an important strategic advance for Novagen" said Garry Kinnaird, Chairman of Novagen Ingenium Inc.

About Novagen Ingenium Inc.

Novagen Ingenium, Inc. (OTC-Markets: NOVZ) is an industrial company which is engaged in the development and commercialization of new design geometric configuration engines, precision engineering services and industrial supply services including vehicle and labor supply to the transport industry.

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