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P&G Tmall Global Flagship Store Partners with Tmall Global to Launch a Creative Marketing Campaign in China

2017-04-27 18:05
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-How can you Drain the Huangpu River?

SHANGHAI and BEIJING, April 27, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Nowadays, Chinese consumers no longer merely ask for good quality products - their needs have been extended to better consumer experiences. Consumption upgrading has become a hot topic in the industry. Offering inviting content to consumers in ways they like, namely, understanding and following the latest consumer trends, is undoubtedly one of the most important marketing tactics for brands to utilize in order to adapt to these changes.

Missing Person Notices in Beijing (Left) and Shanghai (Right)

P&G Global Quiz -- the Page of a HTML5-based Interactive Game (PRNewsfoto/P&G)

P&G Tmall Global Flagship Store recently partnered with Tmall Global to look for smart people by posting Missing Person Notices in six major commercial areas in Beijing and Shanghai. By scanning a certain QR code, people would see an invitation to address three big challenges -- capturing the smell of sunshine, cleaning the CCTV Headquarters skyscraper and draining the Huangpu River -- which were so creative that they drew immediate, widespread attention from consumers. There were over 10,000 participants in just 1.5 hours after these notices were posted. The participating consumers offered great and even incredible ideas.

Always Infinity Flex Foam Pads, JOY Compact Dishwashing Liquid and BOLD Platinum Clean Laundry Liquid. (PRNewsfoto/P&G)

And this was just the beginning. Several days later, the two partners revealed the solutions for these challenges via live stream on the Tmall platform -- the solutions were three products from the P&G Tmall Global Flagship Store, including the BOLD Platinum Clean Laundry Liquid, JOY Compact Dishwashing Liquid and Always Infinity Flex Foam Pads. Can you imagine that the CCTV Headquarters skyscraper can be cleaned with only 377 200-ml bottles of JOY Compact Dishwashing Liquid? This creative "contents + situation" marketing campaign is so cool and novel.

The popularity of this event can be attributed to such interesting topics as cleaning the CCTV Headquarters and draining the Huangpu River, which aroused consumers' curiosity. And the creative idea of finding smart people made consumers even more willing to participate. Moreover, stylish media, such as live streaming and an HTML5-based interactive game, added to the fun of this campaign, bringing P&G closer to consumers while improving their experiences.

In order to win consumers' hearts in the era of Internet +, a brand should fully use big data in addition to emotive content and creative occasions, and then rapidly meet consumers' demands. Consumption upgrading needs to leverage various channels including products, technologies and platforms in a consumer-centric manner. And this is where both P&G and Alibaba are experts.

Take the current trend of Chinese consumers purchasing foreign products online, for example. To satisfy consumer needs for such shopping, P&G opened the P&G Tmall Global Flagship Store at Tmall Global in 2015. With insight into consumers, it has been presenting Chinese consumers with top-level products, of which there are already nearly 150 kinds. To better improve consumer experiences, the P&G Tmall Global Flagship Store also leverages new technologies, such as live streaming, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), to create new and interesting ways to shop. The store tries its best to develop fascinating content through various platforms, as well as to improve the supply chain with its partners. All these efforts aim to provide consumers with even better experiences, thereby adapting to the changes in their choices and decisions.

"Given rapidly changing consumer habits, Tmall Global has initiated a series of campaigns with many partners for new retail services globally," said Liu Peng, General Manager of Tmall Global. "Our target is to serve over 100 million consumers of the rising middle class who love to purchase foreign products online. And we are dedicated to supporting large FMCG companies to pave the way for them to promote new brands and products. With Alibaba's powerful ecosystem, Tmall Global is conducting precise marketing and integrating online and offline systems to not only continue our support for major brands, but also accelerate cooperation with new ones."

Who will become the industry leader in this consumption upgrade era? It depends on who is the quickest to grasp consumers' demands while gaining the deepest understanding of consumers and is able to communicate with them in their favorite ways. After all, more and more consumers have their respective "labels", with a focus on the expression of personality. Only by having strong emotional ties with them can a brand win their recognition and acceptance.

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