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Ping An Technology CEO Ericson Chan attends Asia's Largest Tech Event RISE

2017-07-11 21:00

HONG KONG, July 11, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- RISE, Asia's largest tech event, was held in Hong Kong today, with approximately 15,000 attendees from 85 countries and regions worldwide taking part in the event. Executives from fast-growing startups as well as leading multinationals, among them Google, SAP and Volvo, joined together to discuss global technology development trends. Ping An Technology CEO Ericson Chan was invited to deliver a speech at the event, giving his opinions concerning the application and future development trends in advanced technologies such as cloud platforms and artificial intelligence (AI) in the financial technology (FinTech) sector.

Ping An Technology CEO Ericson Chan attends Asia's Largest Tech Event RISE
Ping An Technology CEO Ericson Chan attends Asia's Largest Tech Event RISE

China's internet firms are growing rapidly and their use of the internet has moved beyond the current expectations of the public. The firms, and especially the startups among them, were highlighted at the RISE event. Mr. Chan elaborated on Ping An Technology's latest advancements in the FinTech sector. Ping An Technology's proprietary Financial Cloud, the largest cloud platform in China's financial sector, provides services for Ping An Group and other leading Chinese firms. Looking forward, Ping An Technology plans to boost the adoption of FinTech among consumers and make it a part of their daily routine via the Financial Cloud while also providing firms with AI and block chain-based and block chain-like systems and services.

In terms of AI, Ping An Technology has been a worldwide leader in facial recognition technology. Notably, its AI research and development has advanced from facial recognition to more complex prediction and decision-making technologies: micro-expression research in the credit approval process, voiceprint recognition, driver behavior analytics and influenza trend predicting, as a result of shifting the focus of its R&D from narrow to smart AI.

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ping An Group and one of the earliest advocates of FinTech in China, Ping An Technology has acted as Ping An Group's innovation incubator by keeping updated with the latest technology achievements via its strong R&D competence. With operation in cloud platform, big data and AI, the firm has a mission to become one of the world's top-class FinTech firms and a major contributor to the future development of FinTech.

Thanks to the firm's key advantages in FinTech as a result of years of development efforts, Mr. Chan said that Ping An Technology has received several awards and honors in terms of intelligent robots, deep learning, block chain, cloud computing and big data. Ping An has developed a comprehensive ecosystem which integrates all the finance-related elements in healthcare, food, housing, transport and entertainment and has already gone a long way in making the application of the ecosystem a part of every person's daily routine.

Mr. Chan added that AI will be a key part of Ping An Technology. In addition to technologies such as facial recognition, AI represents a comprehensive ecosystem which integrates all finance-related elements. The firm will continue the efforts already underway with its proprietary research and development, with the aim of transforming the industry via new technologies, as well as promoting wider adoption of FinTech via AI.

About Ping An Technology

Ping An Technology is the key technology arm of Ping An Group, developing and operating the mission critical platforms and services that support the insurance, banking, investment and internet businesses of the Group. Ping An Technology is also the technology incubator for the Group, with strong research and development capabilities in cloud, artificial intelligence and big data technologies.
Along with the growth of Ping An Group, Ping An technology has accumulated experience in "Technology + Internet + Finance" industry, has more than 18 cutting-edge technologies and unique global capacity to research and develop AI in-house. These include facial, image and voice recognition, and understanding of language. Ping An Technology takes customer service, entrepreneurship and innovation as corporate culture, emphasizes corporate social responsibility and environmental protection, and aspires to be a world-leading FinTech company enabling the future of finance with technology.

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