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Princess Wencheng amazed New York Times Square

2017-09-12 16:03

CHENGDU, China, Sept. 12, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- With an elevation of 3750 meters, The large-scale epic drama Princess Wencheng that currently holds the records for being a show with the highest elevation, largest scale, the most spectacular scenes, the most stunning culture epic drama under the starry nights of Tibet appeared in New York Times Square. The 30-second promo piece reappears and condenses the most stunning scenes of this drama performance which is well known by all families in China, including the magnificent Tibetan dancing Da-a-Ga, the original Tibetan sounds of nature, beautiful and touching love story, resplendent Tang Dynasty palace, magnificent Potala Palace, and it attracted the attention of the world. Previously, the promoting videos of Shanghai, Chengdu, Guangzhou and other Chinese cities have also appeared on New York Times Square which captured the world's attention.

Princess Wencheng amazed New York Times Square
Princess Wencheng amazed New York Times Square

The producer of the drama Princess Wencheng is Usunhome Group, and the drama is performed annually from April throughout October by the Lhasa River side in Tibet, China which has lasted for 5 years since its debut and received acclaim from millions of tourists worldwide.

With a total of more than 800 cast and crew and nearly 4000 audience seats, theatre tickets are difficult to obtain during peak season of Tibet as every show is completely sold out. Based on the history and culture of Tibet, with the spectacular mountains and rivers views on the roof of the world as the background, and the theme being Princess Wencheng's marriage to Tibet, Princess Wencheng displays perfectly the historical tales of Han and Tibet, national customs, natural landscapes and dozens of intangible cultural heritages, creating a new height in the epic Chinese drama. At present, visiting the Potala Palace, strolling along Barkhor Street and watching the epic drama of Princess Wencheng have become an indispensable and standard itinerary of all Tibetan tours.

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Source: Usunhome Group

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