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RoseWholesale and Other E-retailers Working to Ensure Accurate Visual Representation of Items

2017-04-28 21:30
-Discrepancies between photos on site or ads and the actual products have led to customer dissatisfaction in some cases

PHOENIX, April 28, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- One of the issues facing online retailers is the visual representation of their products. Since shoppers don't actually see the items they are buying, it is imperative that photos on the e-retailer website or Facebook ads accurately depict the product. Customers need to be assured that "what you see is what you get."


Many e-commerce sites used photos that are supplied by the manufacturer or supplier before but, in some cases, these images are somewhat different from the actual product, leading to customer dissatisfaction and complaints. Now, consume orientation requires e-commerce sites to combat the problem by clearly displaying the sources for all photos on their sites and advertisements.

Many retailers take their own photos

Affordable online fashion retailers - such as RoseWholesale, DressLily and Asos - are working hard to solve this problem by shooting the product photos themselves. "From early 2016, We established our own photography team, so far we shoot about 70 percent of the photos that are on our site," said RoseWholesale operations specialist Shulin Lee.

"In some cases, like for watches and home category, we use photos supplied by the manufacturer but we try to do our own photography as much as possible. In this way, there are no discrepancies between what's posted on the site and the actual item."

Strict review of supplier photos is a must

Some e-retailers do not have the resources to take their own photos and must rely on external sources, like bloggers, buyers and suppliers. Trendsgal, an online extremely low price clothing site, shoots only about 30 percent of its photos.

When that is the case, the company must carefully examine photos supplied to them by outside sources. Trendsgal is looking to ensure that each product posted on the site looks similar to the products users receive. Trendsgal will not be putting any products for sale until sample products sent by the manufacturer are compared to pictures. 

By ensuring the authenticity of external photos, e-commerce outlets can virtually eliminate any discrepancies in product representation.

For more information on Trendsgal's quality control, visit:

Run reasonable procedure to against fake ads

In general, online retailers operate with small profit margins but still need to ban fraudulent clothing ads. "We make sure that the photos used for RoseWholesale's Facebook ads accurately depict the products," said RoseWholesale Facebook advertising channel specialist Ada Chan.

"We download the photos from our PDM (Product Data Management) system and use Canva, a special graphic design software, to modify the images for Facebook ads. By doing it this way, we are able to ensure the consistency between the photos and the items we sell."

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Source: RoseWholesale

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