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Sandriver Cashmere - Luxury Cashmere with Humble Origins

2017-05-08 11:06
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SHANGHAI, May 8, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Luxury cashmere brand Sandriver brings the world together with 100% pure, sustainably sourced cashmere, while maintaining a firm grip on its roots and traditions.

Though the brand continues to attract attention on an international scale, its origins remain humble. All Sandriver products are sourced directly from the grasslands of the Alashan Plateau in Inner Mongolia, home to founder and CEO Juliet Guo, where she has built her own sourcing base of 30+ local herding families.

Inner Mongolia's pastoral people have thrived on these plains for generations and maintain a traditional nomadic lifestyle. Sandriver's 'herdsmen partners' follow stringent care standards year-round. As the lifeblood of the brand, their goats -- a unique purebred Alashan breed -- are treated with the utmost care and respect.

Springtime brings double blessings to the region with the arrival of baby goats and the cashmere 'harvest'. Over centuries of harsh winters, the herds have evolved to develop soft downy undercoats - renowned for their lightweight and incredibly insulating fibers. These fibers, and the herders who harvest them, are the true foundation of Sandriver. 

Combing season is a team effort, which often includes the herder family, nearby neighbors and friends. Using traditional methods, the herders manually separate the delicate cashmere fibers from the undercoats; at times, special tweezers are required to remove remaining strands of foreign matter.

The collection of baby cashmere fibers - the highest quality cashmere on the market, is harvested from kids between 8-12 months of age.

Fibers are then classified by age, grade and body part, followed by repetitive 'sub-combing' to ensure a fiber diameter of 14-15 microns and length of 36-plus mm.

The entire process can take over one month to complete requiring 1-2 hours per goat, with repeated combings every 4-5 days to ensure complete removal. The combing causes zero discomfort to the goats, but rather provides relief from the rapidly warming temps.

Regardless, the herders' exhausting labors yield minor quantities, further demonstrating the preciousness of genuine cashmere fibers. Each combing typically yields 30-80 grams of useable fiber; one adult-sized sweater would require fiber from at least 5-8 goats.

Sandriver 'only' uses cashmere from this first down of the season; no more than 30% of annually harvested raw material is approved for final use.

More information can be found on the 'Sandrivercashmere' Facebook page and at

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