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T'ai Chi performance at 16,000 feet by Chinese Tibetan girl raises funds for disadvantaged children with eye diseases

2017-04-17 10:11
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ABA TIBETAN AND QIANG AUTONOMOUS PREFECTURE, China, Apr. 17, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Mount Siguniang (literally "Four Girls Mountain"), a mountain encompassing four peaks located in the western part of China's Sichuan province, is covered with snow all year round and is famous for its towering stature and magnificent landscape. The high and steep mountain has attracted a great deal of attention from mountaineers worldwide. The beauty of the area has earned Siguniang the title as the Queen of Sichuan's mountains, while the landscape's resemblance to pristine Swiss landscapes has led to the four peaks often being called the Chinese Alps. Mount Siguniang is one of China's top 10 mountain-climbing destinations, yet, despite the most appealing name and the beautiful scenery, the mountain scares off countless mountaineers due to the steepness of the grade and precariousness of the climb.

On April 9th, a group of special visitors practiced T'ai Chi at the top of the 16,486 ft (5,025 m) Dafeng (literally "peak of the oldest sister") during the fourth Climbing for Love public service event organized by Chengdu-based media group WMG, in a move to raise funds for disadvantaged children with eye diseases residing in the country's poverty-stricken mountainous areas. The first three Climbing for Love events have helped 25 blind children. This time, the event included a T'ai Chi performance by Liu Suibin, the 36th leader of the Qingcheng Sect, a school of traditional Chinese martial arts, and his five disciples. Songxiayangzong, executive director and CEO of Emutang Flower Sea (also known as Emutang Pasture, a botanical tourism destination in nearby Rangkou Township), is a Tibet-Qiang poet and the only woman representing the Qingcheng Sect at the event. She oversaw and gave encouragement to her teammates during the trip and became the first Qingcheng Sect disciple to reach the peak.

Upon reaching the top of the 16,486-foot Dafeng, where the temperature was a freezing 12 F (-11 C), Songxiayangzong put on a hand embroidered gauze dress. Against the backdrop of the 20,300 ft (6,200 m) Yaomeifeng ("peak of the youngest sister"), she stood in the sea of clouds and gave a slow-moving Qingcheng T'ai Chi performance, making her the world's first woman to practice T'ai Chi on a mountaintop at more than 15,000 feet above sea level. The Climbing for Love, Reaching the Peak event raised 220,000 yuan (approx. USD 32,000), which will be used to provide aid to more disadvantaged blind children living in China's remote and poverty-stricken mountainous areas via the WMG Dream Fund. Songxiayangzong expressed the wish that her performance will act as a catalyst to persuade more individuals to participate in similar public service undertakings while also enhancing awareness of Chinese traditional culture.

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