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The "Green Dream Policy" Lecture Hall Recruit Global Volunteers

2017-06-23 21:44

BEIJING, June 23, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- The series seeks to unify global forces to boost development of China's One Belt, One Road initiative in tandem with environmental protection.

Green Dream Strategy founder Yan Tao invites global volunteers to take part in its public lectures series
Green Dream Strategy founder Yan Tao invites global volunteers to take part in its public lectures series

A promotional video from one of China's private public service organizations, Green Benevolent Planet, debuted on the immense digital screens overlooking New York's Times Square on June 22, 2017 (ET). The video is a global call out by Yan Tao, concurrently president of the Beijing Green Dream Public Welfare Foundation, founder of Green Benevolent Planet, and chairman of the Green Benevolent (China) Ecological Science Institute, to global citizens, asking them to become volunteers in promoting the "Green Dream Policy" Lecture Hall. The lectures are designed to unite global forces in a move to assist in the implementation of the One Belt, One Road initiative via Green Benevolent Planet. The One Belt, One Road Project Cooperation Summit will be held by organizers including the Green Benevolent (China) Ecological Science Institute at the China National Conference Center at the end of this month. The first in the series of "Green Dream Policy" Lecture Hall will take place at this event. 

In line with the One Belt, One Road initiative, the "Green Dream Policy" Lecture Hall are designed to engage every person on our planet in becoming a citizen who is environmentally responsible and dedicated to making our planet a better place to live. Mr. Yan said that the combination of online live broadcasts and offline lectures aims to bring together all individuals who are willing to devote themselves to this charitable cause and help communities in need in the countries targeted by the One Belt, One Road initiative as well as communities all around the world.

Green Benevolent Planet, founded by the Beijing Green Dream Public Welfare Foundation, the Lvmengya Public Welfare Society and Lvshang Investment Group, endeavors to bring together all those who advocate for the taking of responsibility as well as an active role in the protection of the environment. The project's goal is the formation of a new ecosystem that combines the physical world with the virtual, unifying both online and offline communities. This is not the first time that Lvshang Investment Group has launched a promotional campaign on the screens overlooking New York's Times Square.

In early 2017, Green Benevolent Planet issued the announcement of the formal establishment of the organization on the same large LED billboards atop New York's Times Square. The "Green Benevolent" model represents Lvshang Investment Group's commitment to a model that fuses together public service, culture, education and a "kinder" economic model and relies on the sense of civic duty that resides in every human being, and, by the same token, applies to the protection of the planet we all live on. Green Benevolent Planet, based on the model, is a platform for every human being who wishes to engage in public service, take action and make a tangible contribution.

The Green Dream Policy represents best-of-class policies for the fostering of environmental responsibility and results from decades of public experience in environmental protection. The roll out of the policy happens to coincide with the establishment of Xiong'an New Area, a new state-level area in the Baoding area of Hebei province, with the purpose of relocating some non-core government agencies and functions outside of Beijing, in a move to alleviate some of the city's congestion. The project is a major historical opportunity to help with China's environment. The Green Dream Policy is considered a pilot project which is a part of the development of Xiong'an New Area and is in line with the One Belt, One Road initiative. The project is expected to become a contributor to a better and more environmentally responsible planet.

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