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Ufirst Inc. Names Disability Rights Activist and Former Miss Canada Casar Jacobson as NUGUNA Neckband Brand Ambassador

2017-07-12 21:00
-A special Kickstarter reward is offered in her name as part of the NUGUNA Neckband funding campaign.

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, July 12, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Ufirst Inc., has appointed Canadian activist and former Miss Canada Casar Jacobson as a NUGUNA Neckband brand ambassador on July 9th 2017.

Casar Jacobson is a former Miss Canada and United Nations WOMEN Youth Champion as well as a Planet 50/50 champion with increasingly engaged work in gender equality, diversity advocacy, and Deaf culture.

Having personally experienced hearing loss herself, she developed an interest in technology in order to enrich the lives of disabled people. From this interest was born the collaboration between her and the NUGUNA Neckband brand. 

At the Brand Ambassador Conference Ceremony which took place in Vancouver, Canada, Casar commented: "Having tried the NUGUNA Neckband I am convinced that it could help many others who deal with hearing loss." "I gladly accept the honor of being the NUGUNA Neckband brand ambassador," she added.

In addition, Casar Jacobsen said: "For any pledge under the new 'Casar donation Reward,' 10% of the funding will go towards foundations that support people with hearing loss." She said this as part of the ongoing Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign.

Ufirst's CEO, Fedora Lee, announced:" I am very pleased that Casar is joining us as a brand ambassador, and hope that together we can assist many elderly people and those dealing with hearing loss."

Even in cases where a hearing device is not used, NUGUNA Neckband assists people with hearing loss by detecting high-pitched sounds and alerting the wearer of the direction of the sound through vibrations. Live on Kickstarter, the NUGUNA Neckband OFF (NNF-001) which usually retails for USD 198 is offered for USD 99 (a 50% discount) until August 6th. This is offered under the new Casar donation Reward and 10% of these pledges will go towards foundations that benefit those with disabilities.   

Overview of Ufirst Inc.

Ufirst Inc. is a Korea based start-up company established in 2015 that manufactures wearable devices combined with IT technology. It received recognition by winning numerous awards, and plans to successfully enter the global market.

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