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Wuzhen to Witness Epic Match as Google's AlphaGo Challenges World's Best Go Player

2017-05-02 19:50

WUZHEN, China, May 2, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- China's historic water town Wuzhen is hosting the showdown of the year as Google's DeepMind unit AlphaGo challenges the world's No.1 Go player, 19-year-old Chinese player Ke Jie, in a three-game match during the Future of Go Summit from May 23 to 27.

Wuzhen Hall, Wuzhen Internet International Conference & Exhibition Center

The match is a sequel to AlphaGo's stunning win beating Go legend Lee Se-dol last year. Its showdown with Ke, is being hotly anticipated by Go experts and fans.

"The final showdown between Ke and AlphaGo symbolizes the meeting of tradition and innovation", said Luo Chaoyi, director of China Qi-Yuan of State General Administration of Sports.

While preserving historic relics and innovative modern living environment, Wuzhen has buried underground pipelines while renovate appropriate accommodation facilities in ancient architectures, which combining heritage protection and modern lifestyle perfectly. Hosting the man vs. machine match in Wuzhen is also a dialogue between past and present, classic and modern traditions.

The Future of Go Summit is not the Wuzhen's first encounter with high-tech and innovation. Wuzhen has become the permanent host place of the World Internet Conference since 2014.

Yao Jie, CEO assistant of Wuzhen Tourism Co. Ltd, explained that the entire Wuzhen scenic area has full Wi-Fi coverage, smart technologies have been applied to eco parking lots, mobile payment, credit rental and facial recognition for ticket check-in etc.

"The internet has made Wuzhen a more welcoming destination, it's also bringing transboundary changes to the small water town."

In addition to hosting cyber conventions, Wuzhen is also hosting cultural events including Wuzhen Theatre Festival. More than 100 meetings rooms of all scale and function and seven theatres throughout the town are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities. Guests can also enjoy the acclaimed home-like experience in Wuzhen and customer-centric services.

With 10-year solid experience in MICE, Wuzhen has a diverse cultural makeup and welcoming spirit that connects traditional culture with innovational technology.

About Wuzhen

Just a 1.5-hour drive from Shanghai and one of the top vacation spots in China, Wuzhen is a water town that is praised for its profound cultural heritage and a top meeting and summit destination. In addition to the well-preserved traditional art and landscapes that date back 1,300 years, Wuzhen has hosted more than 10,000 cultural and art exhibitions and events since 2007.

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Source: Wuzhen Tourism Co. Ltd

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