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Zhejiang Nashou Presents Green Pet and a Living Wall Planter - bringing green into your home

2017-05-24 21:00
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-- Imagine fresh plants, herbs and vegetables grown in your home year-round!

HANGZHOU, China, May 23, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Green Pet 2.0 is a soil-free hydroponic planter with an intelligent lighting system and water pump produced by Zhejiang Nashou Agriculture Science Development Co., Ltd.

Green Pet hydroponic indoor smart garden and soil planted living wall planter create a green house for you!
Green Pet hydroponic indoor smart garden and soil planted living wall planter create a green house for you!

The Smart Garden automatically adjusts to the light and water needs for plants at each stage of their development. All consumers need to do is pour water in the storage basin, add the plant capsules, plug it in and watching the plants to grow. You can grow 3 to 6 plants in this garden and they will love the 22 watts of high performance, energy efficient LED lighting. The LED lights are tuned to the specific spectrum that allows plants to maximize photosynthesis, resulting in rapid, natural growth and abundant harvests. With ideal lighting and optimally balanced levels of water and nutrients, the plant growth cycle is twice as fast as other options.


  1. Soil free planting, clean and environmental
  2. Grows 2 times faster than in soil
  3. Easy to use one button smart control system
  4. High power ultra efficient spectrum LED lighting panel
  5. Organic capable indoor growing system
  6. Fresh fruit, herbs, vegetables in your own home
  7. Use imported ABS plastic material,environmentally friendly
  8. Has a unique and special drain
  9. Only uses 8 kwh every month
  10. Automatic watering, lighting and fertilizing systems
  11. CE, ROHS, FCC approved


Net weight (1pc/ctn)


Gross weight (1pc/ctn)

3.8kg (with ceramsite) / 33*32*33cm

Gross weight (8pcs/ctn)

32.4kg (with ceramsite) / 67*65*65cm


840PCS / 105 cartons


1680PCS / 210 carton


1920PCS / 240 carton

Green Pet 2.1 and Green Pet 2.2

The Bud, including 2 different products is a mini version of Green Pet with an interesting performance and convenient functions. The first product with one plant hole looks like a bulb, that can be easily carried, while the second one is very different. The most attractive point is that it can be placed everywhere because of the easy separation of flowerpot and the base. Moreover, it has an aromatherapy function. The essential oil can be placed in the oil groove and will help provide a peaceful sleep.

The new garden concept based on plants and new technology from the United States, Europe and Japan, is designed around the stereoscopic greening project, as a new pattern of urban vertical garden space, dedicated to educing PM2.5, reducing the urban heat island effect, improving urban waterlogging, protecting the roof, prolonging service life and enriching urban facades.

Living Green Wall Planter - Bringing green into your home!

The combination of oil paintings and plants is the perfect fusion of art and nature. The plant box can be disassembled, with an optional DIY combination. There is a wide variety of plants that can be added, each will help purify the air. The living Green Wall Planter helps you "plant" a true garden in your house.


  1. Radiation protection;
  2. Clean the air in the room;
  3. Absorb formaldehyde and other decoration pollution;
  4. Increase air humidity and release negative ions;
  5. The chic and new are the class;
  6. The installation is simple and easy to maintain.

Useful locations:

Hotels, department stores, high-end clubs, offices, corridors, conference rooms, living rooms, dining rooms and more.

Company information:

Zhejiang Nashou Agriculture Science Development Co., Ltd is a professional CEM/OEM manufacturer which was founded in 2010, we have a modern production line and scientific management system to guarantee high quality and on time delivery. Our mission is: "smart green plants change life". Since our company set up, with the concern and support from local government and relevant departments, we have already successfully innovated and developed many green agricultural products.The smart garden with living wall planter system attracted many customers from USA, India, UK, Iran, France, Germany, etc. All of our products have approved CE, ROHS and FCC certificates. We believe that through our hard work,our products will enter into every corner of the world in near future.


Whats app/mobile: +86-159-2567-2180
WeChat: lesley_1339

Skype: lmzisthebest
Whats app/mobile: +86-159-0669-1665
WeChat: lmzisthebest


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Source: Zhejiang Nashou Agriculture Science Development Co., Ltd.

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