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Customer FAQ

Q:What are the normal working hours of PR Newswire Asia?

The PR Newswire Asia office is open from 9:00 AM to 6:00 AM Monday to Friday. The Editorial Team's hours are from Monday 6:30 AM to Saturday 6:00 AM HKT.

Q:How do I send out my release during holidays and weekends?

If you would like to distribute a release to regions outside of Asia during weekends or holidays, PR Newswire’s U.S.-based editorial team will handle it (for maximum efficiency in such an event, please communicate with the U.S.-based staff by email in English);
If you would like to distribute a news release within Asia beyond office hours, the Asia-based editorial team will handle it on the following working day morning;
If you would like to distribute a news release within Asia and have it distributed during the holiday or weekend, please contact your account manager or a member of our customer service staff one day in advance, in order to arrange availability of an editor who can handle the news release distribution. For detailed information about our working hours during weekends or holidays, please see “Working Schedules of PR Newswire Editorial Teams during Holidays.”

If you have any problems with the distribution, please call +852-3971-4974 (Hong Kong) or +86-10-5953-9511 (China) during operational hours, or +1‐800‐826‐3133 during the weekend (for non‐Asian releases only).

Q:Where do I send in my news release?

To ensure your release can be disseminated quickly and accurately, please send it as a Microsoft WORD document to with detailed instructions. A member of our editorial team will contact you within 10 minutes after we receive it. If you do not receive a confirmation phone call or email from us within 15 minutes, please contact us at  +852-3971-4974 (Hong Kong) or +86-10-5953-9511 (China) to confirm.

Q:Why is my account number important for release distribution?

Each client of PR Newswire has an exclusive account number which becomes a component of the process of the confirmation of the sender identity as well as providing a history of prior news release distributions. Our staff will provide you an exclusive six-digit account number within 1-2 working days of receiving your membership registration. Please provide the number as part of your distribution instructions when sending a release.

Q:Why do I have to provide such specific distribution instructions in the email?

In order to avoid any misunderstanding as to what service you require, please provide concise and clear distribution instructions in your email. Failure to provide detailed information could result in your news release being delayed or sent to the wrong distribution. If you do not receive a confirmation email or call from us within 15 minutes, it may be because we haven't received it. Please send again, or call us to double‐check.

IMPORTANT: No release is processed until we have been able to confirm the instructions with the sender.

Q:Do I have to approve the news release before an editor releases it for distribution?

If you do not request final approval and our editors do not make any material changes to the release, the release will be distributed with no further need to communicate with you. If you do not request final approval but our editors make material changes to your release, we will send the formatted version back to you for confirmation.
If you request final approval, our editors will send the final release back to you for approval, regardless of whether there have been any material changes. We will distribute the release only after obtaining your approval (PR Newswire’s sales staff cannot approve any releases on your behalf). Our editors will not distribute any release until you have confirmed your final confirmation.

IMPORTANT: Confirmation of the content of a news release is not the same as confirmation of the distribution instructions.

Q:What is the standard working procedure of your editors?

Once our editors receive your news release, a confirmation email or call will be sent to you within 15 minutes and they will proceed the release or contact you to confirm the distribution details if anything unclear. They will then format the release, and make any necessary changes. Following that, the formatted release will be sent back to you for approval. Please review the formatted release and reply to the original email that our editor has sent to you (please be sure to send your reply to the Editorial’s group’s mailbox at, rather than to an individual editor, in order to avoid delaying the process when that particular editor is off duty). Our editors will send out the release after receiving your final approval.

IMPORTANT: Our editors will ask you to confirm the distribution instructions for every release, and, in most cases (but not all, depending on the instructions and the circumstances), confirm the content for most releases.

Q:When will I get feedback on my news release?

If your release is distributed within Asia Pacific we will provide you releasewatch report within two working days.
For U.S.-bound releases, you will receive the first round of  automated Visibility Report within two hours of your release's clear time. The report will include a partial list of the websites publishing the release. You can locate additional sites that have chosen to publish the release with search tools such as Google.

Q:Can I distribute a photo and what are the specific requirements if I decide to do so?

Yes, photos can be distributed and the specific requirements are as follows:

1. News photos are preferably provided in JPG format, while charts containing a large amount of text should be provided in PNG format.

2. Photos should have a minimum of 1,024pixels in one direction, while photos meant for print media require 2,700 pixels.

3. Photos should be accompanied by captions of no more than 20 Chinese characters or 70 English characters (including spaces).

4. Please do not provide the photos in CMYK format as that format is used only by professional print operators and may lead to colour distortion when used for other purposes.

5. If you would like to distribute several photos, we recommend that you choose our production service which integrates the photos into a slide show and can distribute the slide show as a multimedia news release.

Q:Why should I inform PR Newswire in advance if an Authorized Sender is to be added to my profile?

To ensure the security of your company and know that we are talking only to individuals authorized to issue a news release on the company’s behalf, we can only accept releases from individuals that have been authorized by you. We will not accept any news releases from individual snot listed in your profile as authorized to send out news releases. It is incumbent upon you to keep this list up to date at all times. This procedure guarantees the security of your corporate communications.

Q:What file format should I use when I send in a news release?

Our preferred format is Microsoft WORD. Tables in quarterly or other financial reports can be provided in Excel. We do not accept documents in PDF or other graphic formats. Photos and Logos should be saved in a JPG format.

Q:Can I send the same release more than once?

No. The same release can only be distributed via PR Newswire once.

Q:How much time should I anticipate for a news release receiving global distribution?

Generally, a release which contains no more than 400 English words willneed1-2 working days to be translated into the various local languages. If you would like to distribute a release simultaneously in all time zones in their respective local languages, please send the release to our editorial team three days prior to the desired clear time, so that we have adequate time for the multilingual translation.

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